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My Turn: Five reasons to oppose the Common Core

Common Core is a national school standard curriculum backed by Microsoft’s Bill Gates and other progressive educational groups. While Common Core pretends to put children’s learning first, it is really an attempt to nationalize education placing each child into a government-backed education system. Everything in Common Core is geared toward building and serving a progressive society and identifying the individual within that society. Common Core is about the “collective” not the “individual.” Here are a few reasons to not support Common Core:

1. Assessment drives this program, and assessments are all computerized. This expensive undertaking will come to our communities via rising tax bills.

2. While officials will tell you it is a “rigorous” program, many in the teaching field, at all levels, say the math and English components are significantly lower than today’s educational standards. In fact, two members of the original task force who put Common Core into place have since taken to traveling the United States voicing their opposition. They refused to sign off on Common Core specifically because it lowered the bar of education of our youth.

3. Informational texts will overtake literature in the English component – students will be instructed/taught as cogs in a government-managed machine. This is not a good thing for developing our children’s independent thinking skills. Information texts may teach a “skill” but they do not teach a multi-dimensional approach of learning.

4. Assessments and teaching will include “data collection,” which has some real privacy issues. Collecting personalized information on both behavioral and academic criteria on our children and making that data available to federal, state and outside contractors is a serious breach of expectations of privacy and the law. If anyone tells you this is not part of Common Core they are simply not informed – it is indeed a significant part of this progressive movement in education.

5. There are no fewer than three federal statues which prohibit a nationalized curriculum. Our country has a system which prohibits top-down education. We have local school boards who are accountable to the voters. We should allow the school boards to assist in the process of determining a school’s curriculum at the local level. This concept is turned upside down with the implementation of Common Core.

I invite you to look at On this site you will see Stop the Common Core Video Series. Much information is offered at this site.

The Alton School Board deserves kudos for standing for local control in education. We will work together to bring a higher standard of learning to our students in Alton. Together – in Alton. Not from Washington.

(State Rep. Jane Cormier is a Republican from Alton.)

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Wow everyone commenting on this thus far is severely uneducated. This article is biased propaganda and in no way accurately describes the Common Core State Standards. Half of the "information" in this article is simply not true or drastically exaggerated. The English standards, for example, contain a perfect balance of contemporary literature and informational text, and encourages digestion of information and literature as opposed to the current method of regurgitation. This is all easily accessed information and I don't understand how the author of this article could be so lazy and ignorant as to not actually doing some real research into this topic. I'm disappointed and honestly a bit disgusted that you all believe such lies.

Itsa and Rabbit need to get together and get their stories straight. Rabbit says the teachers have Common Core foisted upon them and will take the fall, and Itsa says it is a plot for the teachers to teach their beliefs and propaganda. Can they both be right? Doesn't really matter what reason they are against it, we all know the real reason is because Obama is President.

If I was a teacher I would be very worried about how CC will be evaluating them. From what I have read, they will be judged unfairly and as a result they will be having more blame thrown at them from the uninformed. Do you think teachers will ever realize they are being used as the scapegoats for programs they have no control over? CC takes more away from them in regards to creativity and what they actually feel they need to teach. The teachers will take the fall yet again.

Actually Mauser you are correct. Teachers were called in after this Program was approved to virtually put their rubber stamp of approval on it. And they do not have the final say of content, just the way they teach that content. States were held hostage with this. Do not go along and federal funds will not come into your state. Now they are actually finding out what is in Common Core.

Where were you when we allowed our education system to degrade to the point that most of our teachers graduate in the bottom third of their class, and our education system decided they could take over the role of being parents? Where were you when bad teachers could not be fired and parents were not held accountable? You accepted it. When you lower your standards you get poor quality. When did America become willing to accept excuses instead of accountability? When I think of all the folks who came over here on boats because America was the land of opportunity, where you could make your dreams come true like my ancestors did, it really is shameful how we have turned that into a country that wants to accepts lower standards on all levels. Very sad.

I find it difficult to understand why this article didn't generate more response. Common Core is just the latest attempt by "progressives" to dumb down future generations. New Hampshire in general may be buying into Common Core but a quick check reveals that at least half of the states have either rejected it or are at least wary of committing to it. Parents and citizens of New Hampshire need to be better informed and fully understand what CC is before we allow the schools to use it as the latest education experiment on the children of N.H.

Where were you when the conservatives launched No child left behind ?

No Child Left Behind was about holding teacher accountable. Common Core is about teachers teaching their beliefs and propaganda.

Where do you get this faulty information from. Teacher's had/have no say in Common Core. This was foisted upon them by school administrations and Gov't officials. The teachers were only involved after the fact. So stop repeating the party line, teacher's do as they are instructed to do. They do not have the final say in what curriculum they teach. that is the School Committee and School's administration.

holding teacher accountable.

Maybe every one is not paranoid and think every new plan is some kind of plot and wait until they find out more about it.

There is a difference between being paranoid and knowing what works and what does not by experience. How many new teaching methods have we had in education using our kids as test mice? How many have worked? You are confusing paranoia with common sense based on history. I am not going to keep going to a doctor who does not help me with my health issue. I will try and seek a better doctor that actually knows what the problem is and how to manage or cure it. It does nothing to label things without actually addressing the issue. CC will be the final nail in the demise of public education. It will also be a problem for the teachers yet again. They will be restricted even more in their profession. They will be judged incorrectly and they will take the rap unfairly. You folks never discuss what is in it, instead you trust an education system that has been failing to all of a sudden get it right. That is like going back to the used car salesman that sold you a lemon and expecting this time he will not sell you another lemon.

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