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Letter: AP: Against Progress

Here we go again, with the AP “Climate report is upending” story on the Monitor’s front page Friday and its deceptive headline.

The idea that global warming has recently slowed is No. 5 on the list of the top 10 most popular misconceptions about climate change. For interested parties this is explained in more detail at

Briefly, there are at least two major faults in looking at just the past 15 years: First, 15 years ago we had an unusually warm, off-the-trend-line year, so it is statistically incorrect to use that as a valid starting point when examining a trend. Second, looking at a 15-year period of climate is equivalent to looking at a one-week period in the weather. A cool week in April doesn’t indicate that summer’s canceled.

One wonders if “AP” less and less means “Associated Press,” and more and more “Against Progress!”



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Anybody who refers to skeptical science as a reliable source is just as bad as using Glenn beck as a reliable source. I guess the idea is the hope that folks have no clue who funds these links. Kind of like the media these days. Hoping that the folks are as dumb and uninformed as they think they are. They no longer report facts and both sides of an issue. Like everything else in America, we have made the decision to accept low standards on everything.

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