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Hot Topic: A sad farewell to Dennis the Menace

The Monitor continues to get mail about the new lineup on its Comics page and other recent changes to the paper. Here’s a sampling.

Good move

I’ve been sorry to see the negative comments about the changes to the cartoon page.

I’m thrilled to see my favorite cartoon (and often the only one I read) – “Bizarro” – at its new location, instead of in the Sports/Classified section. Now I don’t have to compete with my husband for his beloved Sports section.



No reader input

It was very disappointing that the Monitor chose to remove Dennis the Menace, Shoe, Marvin and others from your Comics section, especially without any input from your readers as you have done in the past. You could have done away with Bizzaro, Non-sequatur and/or Dilbert as better choices. I read the comics with my morning coffee and miss them.



A few suggestions

I, too, vote for bringing back Dennis the Menace, Marvin and Shoe.

What makes Baby Blues better than Marvin? In last Saturday’s strip, what is “sharknado?” (Even my spell check is confused!) You can return Bizarro to the want ads, or do away with it completely – it is weird. Others I wouldn’t miss: Non Sequitur, Pearls Before Swine, Dilbert, Doonesbury.

And how about picking a page for the comics and using only that page? I have to hunt through the paper for the comics.

And, while on the subject, how about picking a corner for the Tribune crossword puzzle so we can avoid the origami folding.

You can stop sending me the Advantage – I already get the Monitor. It does make my pile to recycle larger.

Why is the comic Birch & Finch so large? I’m sure you have other things to fill that space. And what is the purpose of the Haiku? At first I thought it was just saying what was inside.



Poor decisions

What can you people at the Monitor be thinking about? You are cutting out so many items that we readers enjoy.

The daily stock market report is one we value a great deal. So are the comics that have been dropped for some very poor substitutes and so many other items. We, like several of our acquaintances, are considering canceling our subscriptions because of this poor editing.

Let’s get back to the paper that we loved.



Changes? No thanks!

I am so sad about the changes to the Monitor.

My first complaint, like others who have written, is about losing the Shoe comic strip. It baffles me why you keep Beetle Bailey, and that more people aren’t concerned by a comic which half the time is about Sarge beating the crap out of Beetle. What is funny about that? Bring Shoe back, dump Beetle Bailey, and please put Non-Sequitur back in the four horizontal blocks.

I also liked it better when the comics were always found on the back page of the Sports section. Now they’re inside the Sports page one day, they’re on the back page another day, and another day they might be in another section.

I also don’t like the Sports section changes. I liked the around the nation sports updates on Page 2; now it floats around, not in the same place from day to day. At least you didn’t change “Fast Break” – thank you!

I don’t like that Sudoku moves around and is even sometimes put mid-page. I tear them out and take them on the road with me as I travel, so putting them in the middle of the page is bothersome.

I do like more local news, but I’m having a hard time getting used to your new layout; every day it’s different. This may be your plan to get us to search around the paper more, looking for our favorite sections – and thus looking at more ads. I’m not one to say I’m going to cancel my paper because of changes that I might get used to, but when my renewal does come up, I will not automatically be sending in my check.

P.S.: More Katy Burns.



Legacy Comments1

I love Bizzaro. I cut them out and send them to my son. I think you have to have a wicked sense of humor to get the joke.

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