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Letter: What about Oprah?

The Monitor’s list of potential female candidates (“Not just Hillary,” The Forum, Sept. 26) leaves out Oprah Winfrey. Particularly if Hillary Clinton does not run, Oprah would have the power as a third-party candidate to set the agenda for the election and would be a major player if she chose to run in the Democratic primary.

It is unclear why the Monitor included Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann, who have already failed tests of character and ability and failed to develop their bases, yet left out both New Hampshire Reps. Carol Shea-Porter and Annie Kuster who have character and ability.



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Obama set the bar as low as ever - anything is possible from the democrats

What about Lady Gaga? Pink? Katy Perry? Miley Cyrus?

American Idol Obama set the bar pretty low so those have a shot

Oprah is a talk show host and a very charitable one. Her acting ability is secondary to that. She leads here organization or so it would appear, successfully. Unfortunately, one of the primary issues with our society today is the low information voter focus on "entertainment" shows, reality shows with total losers participating and acting like petulant children and overall the worship of actors and actresses in Hollywood as icons, idols and heroes. We are fixated on sports scores and television shows and not on what our politicians are doing behind the scenes to undermine our rights. We don't need pop culture icons making public policy.

The letter writer's second paragraph is at least debatable, and ought to be recognized. But the "Oprah" assertions? On what cogent grounds can this entertainer be held remotely plausible as a third party agenda-setter or Democrat "major player"? Positively scary if actually true in today's political climate. Might we have a bit of explanation for such conjecture? Not to say that Oprah is a bad person, you understand...

Oprah, wow. She has proven herself as an actress and a talk show host. That hardly qualifies her as Presidential material. Never held a public office. Bachman and Palin have a record of their times holding positions. You might not agree with them, but they have experience. Have we become so dumb downed that we cannot even judge what qualities represent a good leader? Sure looks that way to me.

"Stand By Your Man" (Hillary) Clinton who claims to be a feminist, stayed with Bill Clinton after he had numerous affairs and one with an intern 25 years or more younger. Hillary is the wife of a shamed president, one who put his own sexual and physical needs over those of his country. She does not have "character", has our memory grown short that we forget what she said at the Benghazi hearings: "what difference does it make" when asked who was responsible. Her foreign policy was flawed, we are paying the price today. People may not like Palin's or Bachman's records but they are ladies versus the Democrats who are far from ladies, they are feminists.

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