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Letter: Lead by example

Our president does not understand that in order to have a majority of Americans follow him, he needs to lead by example.

This is the case with Obamacare. Malia, Sasha, Michelle and Barack need to immediately enroll in an exchange. The Obama family needs to demonstrate how the system works and accept only those benefits which Obamacare provides. The same goes for every member of Congress and anyone given an exemption.

In the private sector, policies and programs are not rolled out until they are completely tested and vetted. It would be excellent validation for those who supported the law to test it for three years to ensure that Obamacare is “affordable,” that you can keep your doctor and that the rest of the rhetorical talking points are valid. Instead we are hearing the words from the president like “political brinksmanship” and “obstructionism” when describing Republicans. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said: “With a bully, you can’t allow them to slap you around.” Look who is talking! The House of Representatives represents the “people,” and each representative must vote his or her conscience as related to the will of the people. We can expect that Democrats and Obama, with assistance from the press, will bang the drums of politics and point the finger of blame. It is a sad state of affairs when a slight majority bullies everyone else over ideological belief that health care is a “right” and then turn the tables on those who are interested in doing the right things.



Legacy Comments1

You've missed the whole point of the exchanges. They are primarily for people who are currently uninsured, and secondarily for people who have health insurance but are looking for a more affordable choice. The President and his family are not part of that population. Also, please remember that insurance benefits have actually increased under Obamacare.... kids stay on until 26, preventative care with no co-pays (even for catastrophic coverage), can't be denied due to pre-existing conditions, can't be thrown off your plan when you get sick, no maximum payouts. All of those additional benefits are included in the plans on the exchange, by law. As far as the majority goes.... a majority is a majority, whether it is slight or not. The ACA has had 3 elections & passed the supreme court test. It's the law, and it's here to stay until those who oppose it can rally a majority of the troops against it.

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