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Letter: Make GOP pay

The Republican Party fretted mightily when it lost the 2012 presidential elections. Republicans concluded that the Democrats held the White House because they had better social media and mastery of the internet. But social media skill isn’t what Republicans lack; it is a rational message.

The Republicans closed down the entire government to scuttle Obamacare, the law that validly enacted health care reform so that almost everyone could obtain medical treatment. The Republican-dominated House has tried to repeal universal health care more than 40 times, knowing that it was just wasting legislative energy because the repeal attempts did not have enough support. Because they could not win fairly, the Repulicans now try hostage taking. But crash-landing the government on purpose is irresponsible and immature. Even worse, this tactic threatens the government’s promise to pay its debts, which would only make it cost more to run things.

The Republicans are alienating reasonable citizens who want to see solutions, not threats. Voters should make the Republicans pay the price at the polls for their intransigence. Then the Republicans can again wonder why the Democrats seem to have better internet skills.



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