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Letter: Rubens must be a threat

Re “Jim Rubens’s peashooter” (Monitor letter, Sept. 25):

Now here comes Democratic National Committeeman Peter Hoe Burling, self-anointed defender of all women supposedly aggrieved by U.S. Senate candidate Jim Rubens. I remember Burling played the race card when Susan Rice, who lied to the public about Benghazi, was voted down in her nomination as secretary of state (“Erroneous attack,” Monitor letter, Nov. 18, 2012). It is remarkable he has any editorial credibility.

Rubens must be a threat to the establishment. He has an accomplished legislative record unsurpassed in the past couple of decades. He is a doer, a problem solver and a job creator. As for Burling, I’m pressed to think of one major accomplishment of his long and self-publicized public service other than to help usher the era of Massachusetts and Washington, D.C., politics into New Hampshire. Congratulations, I guess. Even with such “success,” his panties always seem to be in such a bunch, though. Good grief.



Legacy Comments1

Hmmmm. let me think. Business Finance Authority, repeal of 1848 abortion laws, public universal kindergarten, LLC's, liability protection for volunteer emergency workers, reform of state retirement system,.....there was quite a lot of stuff we got done in the years I was in the House and Senate. Did I mention the Northern Forest project?

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