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Letter: Unfair criticism

Two recent letters to the editor made incorrect statements about the Center for Consumer Freedom for speaking out in favor of a bill that would require people who record animal cruelty to report it to police, falsely accusing CCF of being a front group for alcohol, tobacco or other industries. Incredibly, neither letter can argue against the bill on the merits, instead lobbing ad hominem, false and irrelevant attacks.

This is the typical M.O. of animal rights activists, unfortunately. These extremists bizarrely claim that having to report a crime to police will somehow stop investigations.

Does that make logical sense? Of course not – so they simply attack their opponents and question their motives. We see time and again that animal rights groups like PETA or the Humane Society of the U.S. (not affiliated with local humane societies) are anything but “humane” to people who disagree with them. They’re not worthy of the public’s support, and lawmakers should show their lobbyists the door.

The Center for Consumer Freedom openly acknowledges its funding on its website. CCF fights to preserve consumer choices in the marketplace from busybodies like New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who thinks adults shouldn’t be able to buy a large soda, or animal rights extremists, who want to take meat, dairy and eggs away off the table. For a state whose motto is “Live Free or Die,” our philosophy should fit
right in.


Washington, D.C.

(The writer is senior research analyst for the Center for Consumer Freedom.)

Legacy Comments1

We know who you are CCF and we know who pays your salaries. It is big industry who wants to keep the status quo of unhealthy and uninformed consumers. Stop trying to pretend you are something you're not. You don't care about consumers but only care about lining your pockets. Greed is your middle name.

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