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Letter: Concord voters have work cut out for them

I am a fan of John Cleese of Monty Python’s Flying Circus fame. I compare his hilariously funny “The Ministry of Silly Walks” sketch to some of the crop of city councilors who are running for re-election in November. Cleese plays a civil servant who works for the government ministry responsible for developing silly walks through grants. A co-worker, Mr. Putey, has developed a silly walk and wants to secure a grant for silly walking. Sound familiar? Think BearCat.

Sometimes real life mimics fiction. In the spirit of P.G. Wodehouse’s characters in Jeeves & Wooster, we now have a musical chairs sketch by city councilors similar to the buffoonery at Wooster’s Drone club. They have agreed among themselves to swap ward positions for councilor at-large seats in the coming elections to perpetuate their seats on the council. It’s shameless and comical.

Serious changes are needed at city hall. There are several new faces running for office. One is John Cook, who the Monitor referred to as “John Cook, who ran unsuccessfully for mayor” in a recent article. Though true, it was insensitive and senseless. The story could have said, “John Cook, who ran for mayor,” but instead the Monitor chose to poison the well by implying that Cook is a loser. Way to go, Monitor.

Voters have their work cut out for themselves. With the stench of BearCat vote still lingering in the air and the bungling of the Main Street project, now is time to replace some of the city councilors with new faces who can have a crack at making city hall function more responsibly.



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Only vote for those that make Concord self reliant and do not have the mentality that Washington DC is a endless piggy bank... IE - NOT democrats

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