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Letter: Terrorists

I’m all for the administration and Democrats refusing to “debate” or “negotiate” the current funding bill as long as the Republicans continue to insist upon tying this bill to changes or defunding of the Affordable Care Act – effectively holding the entire country hostage in the process. I believe this stance is consistent with the wise old adage “You don’t negotiate with terrorists.”



Legacy Comments2

They are all over the name calling and extremism and then they turn around and call us "far right". It is unbelievable Van how the citizenry has been dumbed down, allowed themselves to be programmed and how petty, shallow, immature they are as they spout progressive talking points. What is even more disturbing is that they move freely among us.

Asking the President to sit down and talk out a solution makes Republican's Terrorists? Wow, have the left wing gone over the edge with rage.

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