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Letter: The Obama shutdown

The Left keeps going to ludicrous excess in its efforts to promote the “Republican shutdown” of the federal government, when it should obviously and appropriately be labeled the “Obama shutdown.”

Among the dumb examples of how government employees and services will be savaged, not to mention the starving of “the children,” is the threat to cancel the football schedules of the service academies. What!

As a former volunteer Blue and Gold officer for the U.S. Naval Academy, I have long been aware that funding for athletics at USNA is not provided by the government but by the Naval Academy Athletic Association.

Your readers can go online and read the following: “The Naval Academy Athletic Association is not a government agency or instrumentality and is not a part of the USNA or the United States Government
. . . . In addition (the NAAA) makes all arrangements for approximately 1,500 student athletes who are members of Navy sport teams for competition either in Annapolis or on the road.”

Obama is not only being disingenuous but, as he has shown throughout his tenure, dishonest as well. Therefore, I have deliberately not used his official title. Respect has to be earned.



Legacy Comments14

The USNA gets it's funding from the appropriation bills as is part of the US Military. As a 20 year retired, disabled do to war Chief Petty Officer I do know how the funds are distributed to individual commands. Every command has an OPTAR amount, (monies assigned to the command through the master appropriation bill signed into law by the President every year.) This OPTAR is broken down by the department, and the division. By regulation once these amounts have been approved, they cannot be diverted unless by special dispensation from the Department of CNO (Chief of Naval Operations) The NAAA is one of the activities agencies that is an option to be funded. Since it is an option, it may not get funded. That is what the President was alluding to. Quit being so disingenuous. There are many of us that know the reality and can see through the fantasy.

Less than 10% of the operating budget for the varsity and junior varsity programs is provided by the Academy via government funding. ref (NAAA). This is to clarify my statement above with appropriation.

The whole premise of this letter is very short on facts, truths or any discernible understanding of the whole topic. As for Army/Navy football - that's like military intelligence, an oxymoron.

Ok Van, I am trying to keep this truce up. If we could do it, God knows you would think Washington could do it. And I have two cats, can't scratch one with out the other one getting jealous, kinda like politicians.

Please give both of them an extra petting!!

It is the Obama/Reid Shutdown. Harry Reid let the Senate vote on all of the appropriation bills coming out of the house. Stop being a dictator.

It is not surprising that progressives love those folks with huge egos and nasty personalities like Reid and Obama and Pelosi. They are so arrogant and progressives equate that with "strong". What happened to our fellow citizens, when did they become so hateful and cynical and replace standing on principle with hyperbole, rhetoric and demonizing everything under the sun.

Tillie, it is a republic. As Ben Franklin famously said;" if you can keep it". Lately, it seems less and less likley. By the way, Mr. Luti certainly does deserve to live in this republic.

MR. Luti, President Obama has earned his title by being elected twice by a majority of Americans. If you don't respect this, then maybe you don't deserve to live in a democracy.

Hi Tillie, How is my pet lover friend doing today? If we can't agree on the president's actions and policies at least we can agree that pets are a big part of our lives. Please give your cat a little scratch behind her ears for me.

I agree with you there Van I have 4 dogs and 2 cats. So I too am a pet lover.

Alright gsec92, I like you already and I don't even know your politics!!!

For the umpteenth time I find it necessary to educate a liberal with Facts. The United States is a republic, not a democracy. I often wonder if every liberal has forgotten the Pledge of Allegiance

For the umpteenth umpteenth time - "When the members of the United States Constitutional Convention met in 1787, terminology was still unsettled. Not only were democracy and republic used more or less interchangeably in the colonies, but no established term existed for a representative government “by the people.”" ( For the record all democracies are republics not necessarily vice versa, like the USSR was. Any form of government where there is no king, sultan, monarch, dictator or the like by definition is a republic. You are splitting hairs here over a complete non-issue

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