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Letter: The Ayotte dichotomy

Last week the Monitor quoted Sen. Lindsey Graham saying Sen. Ted Cruz was hurting Republicans like Sen. Kelly Ayotte with his insistence of tying defunding of the Affordable Care Act to passage of a continuing resolution bill. On Sunday the Monitor reported two instances where our senator assailed Cruz for tying defeat of the act with the continuing resolution bill. Grant Bosse says in his column that twice “Sen. Kelly Ayotte excoriated Cruz.”

Yet in the Roll Call column we see where on two votes to pass a clean budget resolution last week our senator marched lock step with her Republican counterparts voting no. Now why would she make such loud public statements and yet vote with Cruz? Do you think reelection has any bearing on this? After all, who reads the Roll Call column? Even more interesting is why the Monitor does not point out this dichotomy of statements and actions by our senator.



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Thank-you Kelly Ayotte, for voting the wishes of your constituents. NH voters don't like ObamaKare AKA the Unaffordable Care Act. NH voters want to get rid of ObamaKare AKA the Unaffordable Care Act. NH voters don't want the government to be shut down so Kelly Ayotte is doing her best within the insanity known as Washington DC. The remainder of NH's congressional delegation in DC (Shaheen, Shea-Porter, and Kuster are voting time and time again with their party and against their constituents in NH. We need to vote out Shaheen, Shea-Porter, and Kuster out in November of 2013.

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