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Letter: In Egypt, the military are the terrorists

The overthrow of President Mohamed Morsi’s democratically elected government resulted from a counter-revolution against the movement which ended the dictatorial rule of Hosni Mubarak.

On June 14, 2012, the duly elected People’s Assembly the lower house of Egypt’s Parliament was dissolved by Mubarak’s cronies on the Supreme Constitutional Court, with the Egyptian military seizing all of parliament’s legislative powers for itself. The generals decided that in order for them to keep their stranglehold over Egypt’s economy, the military had to continue dominating the political system. Morsi and the People’s Assembly, who legitimately won the right to govern, represented the interests of Egyptian people, not those of a corrupt military oligarchy. The elite of the military controls vast land holdings, businesses, mercenaries called the Baltagiya and the state-run media which was used to demonize Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Baltagiya, according to Vicar Ayube Yusuf and other Coptic Christian clergy, destroyed their churches to scapegoat the Muslim Brotherhood for these attacks. The Supreme Council of Armed Forces undermined Morsi by stripping much of his executive authority before he took office, a development Hossam Bahgat leader of the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights said completed Egypt’s “transition into a military dictatorship.”

The Egyptian military, contrary to the junta’s propaganda disseminated by Judge Joseph Nadeau’s online pen pal (“In opposing Muslim Brotherhood, we fight terrorism,” Monitor Forum, Sept. 18), are the terrorists who steal the country’s wealth, repeatedly thwart the expressed will of the people, instigated a coup and murdered over a thousand peaceful pro-democracy demonstrators.



Legacy Comments1

No surprises here the extreme left sticking up for radical Muslims and terrorists the Muslim Brotherhood. Just like the worst president ever-Barack Hussein Obama sticks up for the Muslim Brotherhood. Wide spread burning innocent Christian Churches by the Muslim Brotherhood doesn't seem to bother the extreme left at all because they have a common goal: Enslaving and controlling their people one with intrusive government the other with intrusive religion.

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