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Letter: Different cup of tea

Know what we need? A Progressive Tea Party! You know, 30 or 40 radicals. Next time Democrats are in control of the House of Representatives, we can threaten to block continuing budget resolutions and (best ever) refuse to increase the debt ceiling unless the Defense Department budget and our nuclear warheads are cut in half! After all, we American taxpayers pay to own and maintain 5,000 nuclear warheads. Then there are those pesky spare jet engines we don’t need and programs Congress insists upon which the military does not want (but benefit their districts).

It’s such a pain doing all that honest negotiating during budget fights. A Progressive Tea Party could just hold Americans and the economy hostage until we get those nukes/DOD budget, each, cut in half. Why not?



Legacy Comments1

Lets see if Republicans did things like the democrats: The IRS would be used to put the full weight of the government on their political enemies Just like the Obama administration did. The next Republican administration could investigate themselves and find nothing is wrong, regardless the evidence, just like Obama administration. The next administration can tell endless lies like the murder of an American ambassador was because of a video and not the administration, just like Obama did. Here is the next version of the IRS scandal that won't appear in the Monitor because it may show the Obama administration for what it is and that is extremely corrupt.

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