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Letter: Bravo, Mr. Cruz!

Re “Illogical” (Steve Morse, Monitor letter, Oct. 2):

There comes a point in life when you just have to say no. The federal government has gone too far with the passage of the Affordable Care Act. Unfortunately, when I look around at my co-workers on break and at lunch, most are more concerned with their smart phones and not with the evermore intrusive nature of our federal government.

Mr. Morse, you do not see the difference between courage and extremism. The ACA is a train-wreck in progress. Unfortunately we have become a nation of sheep, so courage like that displayed by Sen. Ted Cruz, is no longer admired. Bravo, Mr. Cruz. Keep up the great work!



Legacy Comments1 perhaps do not remember that this healthcare act was the main plank of candidate Obama's. You probably don't remember that he won by a landslide. The main problem with the healthcare law was that the National Republican Party vowed, on the day he was sworn in, to make every effort to limit President Obama to one term. To the extent that the NRP worked hard to thwart the proposed law !! AND, the worse part of the NRP is that they have stopped working FOR the middle class and now work AGAINST both middle class and the poor. Are you really so opinionated that you would support such a disgusting party?? Or, are you among the super rich??

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