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Letter: Epitome of nonessential

While I am for some kind of insurance for everyone (except non-U.S. citizens), there is no one in Congress who has read the entire Obamacare law who can truly explain its cost to us taxpayers and other effects on employers. But it is truly hypocritical for any member of Congress to hold up the budget process because of the Obamacare law that has already been passed.

The House has tried more than 30 times to repeal it, to no avail. The Senate has sent the budget back to House twice recently since the bill included defunding Obamacare. House members know they don’t have to votes, yet they insist on putting many of us voters in financial jeopardy while they make a political point and still get their paychecks!

More than 500,000 members of the federal government have been furloughed, and thousands of people in the private sector have been as well as a result of the government shutdown. For no earthly reason. Nothing is going to change. Congress refers to those furloughed as “nonessentials.” Are you kidding me? Based on the lack of accomplishments of members of this Congress, what exactly does it make them? If this Congress isn’t the epitome of nonessential, then I don’t know what is.

Bottom line: all incumbents, Republicans or Democrats, need to be removed from office to send them a message about whom they work for. Their actions prove two points.

1. Only idiots serve in our Congress.

2. Anyone who runs for Congress must have the following attributes: Be a thief; be a liar; have no or low morals; and, most of all, be a hypocrite.



Legacy Comments1

QUOTE: "a thief; be a liar; have no or low morals; and, most of all, be a hypocrite.". To learn about all the statistically impossible slimeball crooked events that democrats orchestrated to get ObamaKare passed one only has to read this historical litany of the democrat crime syndicate. Consider this awful litany:

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