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Letter: We need real leaders

Fiscal cliffs, debt-ceiling debacles, sequestering and now a federal government shutdown: America is being held hostage by party politics.

Our elected officials should be doing the people’s business with conviction, civic pride and the nation’s health and prosperity at the forefront. Unfortunately, the Republicans and Democrats are placing party desires ahead of the nation’s priorities. And the dysfunction has devolved to the point that if one party can’t achieve its objectives, it considers victory to be denying the other party achieving its objectives.

The solution to this problem begins with a simple concept: leadership. Unfortunately, we’re currently experiencing a significant leadership void in Congress. How the Republicans and Democrats decided to reinstall Sens. Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell and Reps. John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi to their respective majority and minorty positions confounds me to no end. These four individuals have failed miserably and earned Congress some of the lowest approval ratings in history. They are not leaders!

It’s time appoint real leaders in Congress who are motivated to serve the people of this great nation.



Legacy Comments1

Obama does not have an ounce of leadership blood in him. If he did he would be able to get his own party to pass a budget at least one time in the last 4 years. Challenge to the leftists on this forum..... show us a link to the last budget Obama signed....this should be fun

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