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Letter: Too little sports, national news coverage

I had to join the comments on the recent changes to the Monitor. As a subscriber, I find it frustrating to have to also buy a copy of the New Hampshire Sunday News to get a detailed story and game day roster of the Patriots and opponents every week during football season. I couldn’t even find mention of Sunday’s game other than the listing on Page C6.

Regarding baseball, you’d think there were no National League playoffs as I found nothing but Saturday’s scores and schedule in tiny print on the same page.

We follow nothing on the internet, so daily printed information is critical to us for sports as well as news.

Although consistent listeners to NHPR, it fades into the background as we’re busy, so I rely on depth from print media so that I can get detail when I have a chance to concentrate on the story.

Having national and world news reduced to a couple of summaries and buried in the back of one of the sections is disappointing.



Legacy Comments8

I guess for me Walter I believe that any private business, be it a sport's team etc, has the right to run their business how they see fit. Most who do pay their CEO"s or atheletes do so to get the best person. That holds true especially in sports. The best team gets the best crowds, makes the most money etc. Your career as an athelete is not usually long. CEO's generate income, they are responsible for all the employees, and their decisions can mean the difference between that business being successful or not. What is someone worth? You could take that stance in any job. That is judging someone on what they do for work. I could say that I am a nurse and you are a car mechanic. Should I get paid more than you or less?

Too little objective news coverage; too much subjective coverage. Newspapers all over the country have replaced unbiased, factual news with stories trying to convince you of their viewpoint. The Monitor is no different. Well, actually, NPR is no different either.

Personally, I wouldn't miss sports news if it disappeared. Because, this will NEVER be a truly civilized society until we pay K-12 teachers more than ball players are paid.

Ball Players are paid on what they produce. Teachers should also be paid on their performance. The left have never wanted that, nor have the unions. If they did, then the quality of the teachers we have would be similar to the quality of the teachers say in Finland. That is not to say we do not have great teachers, we do. But unfortunately, those great teachers take the fall for the ones who are not producing. Instead we hear it is not the teacher's fault, a whole list of excuses why teachers performances are not up to par. In the real world, if you have any job, and your performance is not producing results, you get fired. The reality is that great teachers deserve better pay, freedom to teach the way they want, and be judged on their performance. They are teachers, not parents, not political activists and should never be told by administrators how to do their job. Would you see a doctor who had a poor record? I think not. We need to apply the same standard with our teachers that we apply to everything else we utilize. When I hear stats that in the US 50% of teachers graduate at the bottom 1/3 of their class, that is pretty bad.

Rabbit...I think we agree on the teacher part, but not the ball player part. They have a record of performance which suggests what they may be able to accomplish for a few more years. Long enough to negotiate a contract. But, do you really think ANY ball player (including hockey, socker, etc) is worth millions of dollars per year?? Or any CEO?? Think about that: who will provide the best service to society-a ball player, CEO, or kindergarten teacher?? Personally, I favor the teacher.

This paper perpetuates the "low information democrat voter". That is why it is our patriotic duty to come to this rag to set the facts straight .

Actually, truth be known, it is the rank and file conservative voters who are the 'low information' types. For example, all of the low information (aka Republicans) that I know always watch Fox News. Univ. of Maryland did several studies comparing the knowledge of current news by watchers of ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Fox News and Jon Stewart. Over several years and studies, watchers of Jon Stewart were more accurate on recent news than watchers of Fox News. Guess why that's why I never watch Fox.

you might want to Fact check that statement

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