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Letter: More like British Loyalists

Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it. How very true.

The Boston Tea Party was, at its core, a protest against the injustice of being governed without representation in the government. The colonists were upset that the British Parliament was ruling them without allowing them to elect representatives in the Parliament to give voice to their concerns and desires. Those revolutionary patriots risked their lives for the right to participate in a democracy.

Skip ahead about 240 years and what do we find? A small group of small-minded people invoking the name of this great revolutionary act while working to deny the citizens of this country a voice in their government. The people made their will clear in 2012. They elected a Congress with a clear mandate to pass the Affordable Care Act, and it did. They elected a president who ran on the promise to approve this law, and he did. Even the Supreme Court ruled the law constitutional. The people have spoken and their will is clear. Now we are faced with this small group of so-called “representatives” who have taken the treasonous position that their will is of greater value than the will of the people.

Instead of calling themselves the “Tea Party” they should call themselves the “British Loyalists.” It is enough to make those revolutionary patriots turn over in their graves.



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