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Letter: What’s Obama’s plan?

Those uncompromising, obstructionist Republicans – at least that’s what most Americans believe is holding up passage of another increase in the debt ceiling. Those words are used to describe House Speaker John Boehner, whose ill-fated attempt to link delaying Obamacare with an increase in the debt ceiling deserves criticism.

However, those words apply equally to President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who have refused to budge one inch. Now that Boehner and the Republicans have dropped the Obamacare demand and offered a short-term increase if only Democrats would agree to appoint a committee to discuss possible future spending cuts, what is their response? “No,” unless it is coupled with further increased spending.

Like Chicken Little, Obama is warning of doom if the debt ceiling is not increased. He says we will default on our debts, that Social Security payments and military pensions will not be paid. What demagoguery!

The president knows that even if the debt ceiling is not raised, the United States has sufficient revenue to pay the principal and interest on its debts, pay our military and retirees and still have enough money to run most of the government.

Cuts will have to be made in discretionary spending, but that is way overdue. Certainly the cuts will cause some sacrifices, but we survived the sequester cuts and the government shutdown without disaster, and we will again. The president’s politically motivated “cuts” have backfired. He laid off employees so the public would revolt at the lack of services, then retroactively gave them a paid holiday. He closed national parks, monuments and historic sites at a cost greater than that of running them so that the cuts would be visible.

It is increasingly visible that this president has no plan to balance the budget.



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NObama has never been a leader and no one will ever call him a statesman - the only skill he has shown is being a carnival huckster politician. PT Barnum would have loved to have him

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