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Letter: Politicians mirror the populace

The Oct. 15 Monitor editorial properly takes to task both political parties for the intemperate tone and tenor of their speech. Yet, when reading the letters to the editor that appear daily in the Monitor, can it not be said that the speech of the professional politicians merely mirrors the that of the populace, at least as expressed in those letters? Also, in the spirit of “do as I say, not as I do,” the Monitor editorial staff would do well to ensure that cartoonist Mike Marland takes to heart the advice of the editorial. His constant portrayal of anything Republican or conservative as the epitome of evil only adds to the divisiveness excoriated in your editorial.



Legacy Comments2

Dan you nailed it: Mike Marland is epitome of a low talent one note cartoonist with a comedic range so limited that that he can't think out of the box that Republicans and Conservatives are evil.

I do not agree that Marland is low talent. I have been critical of some of his rather spiteful perspective which I do not share, but genuine talent should be recognized. And he is not always "one note". See for example his recent October 12th and 13th offerings. I do however wish that the Monitor could see the very significant value of other general perspective in the area of talented editorial cartoon.

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