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Letter: Shameful minority

A minority of representatives has prevented Congress from acting remotely like a legislative body. This minority was responsible for the closure of national parks, monuments and memorials. By forcing the government shutdown, they held our nation hostage. They nearly pushed our country into default with worldwide financial consequences.

Sens. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee have been active members of this minority. Sarah Palin has reappeared at opportune moments in support of it. It’s beyond deceitful that they would protest the closure of the National Mall when they were personally responsible for it. It’s beyond grandstanding to protest the barriers closing the Mall as “a matter of shutdown priorities” when there should have been no shutdown in the first place.

These public figures see nothing frightening about their participation in such an event, chanting “Shame on you” at the police officers compelled to enforce the closure they have created. Shame on them and the minority they represent.



Legacy Comments2

Another liberal/progressive/Democrat who fell for Mr Obama's government "closure." According to CBS News, the "shutdown" had no effect over 82% of the federal government. In other words, the only portions of the government that were closed were those departments with which taxpayers dealt most often. The courts were open. The FBI was on the job. TSA agents were the airports. Sky marshals flew. Air traffic controllers were on the job. The Feds closed down the World War II Memorial, the Jefferson & Lincoln Memorials, etc. These are open facilities that have no fence around them and are almost never manned. As for those who really were furloughed, it turns out that this will be an unscheduled, two-week, PAID vacation. Yes, the House and the Senate agreed to pay furloughed workers their full salaries and benefits. The only loser here: The American Taxpayer.

It is amazing how extreme the left wing is. Placing barriers in open area Monuments is shameful. It cost America more to put up those barriers Obama the dictator purposely wanted to inflict pain on our American Heroes by barring them from their Monuments. It was Obama's Administration who narrowly interpreted a well intended bill from the Republican Congress to help out the military and pay death benefits. It is shameful how Obama made accommodations for illegal aliens while he sicked the riot police on our Veterans. Obama is by far the worst president ever and his recent actions only put an exclamation point on that fact!

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