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Letter: Radical extremists

Tea Party members of Congress laughably anointed themselves as the pure and faithful guardians of the Constitution. Yet they do not care about votes in Congress, laws of the land, court decisions, any majority opinion, payments already approved, or existing contracts – unless they agree with them. They accept neither the legitimacy of democratic elections nor the results. Like other fundamentalist extremists, they intend to impose their warped social and political version of Sharia on our country, whether Americans want it or not. This minority of a minority hijacked the Republican Party and put a gun to the nation’s head.

It’s time to see these people as the radical extremists and anarchists they are. Watching the Tea Party caucus in action makes one wonder what these political versions of Timothy McVeigh, Eric Rudolph and the Tsarnaev brothers think they can get away with. The Tea Party fringers are modern-day secessionists and nullifiers. Let the would-be Ayatollahs such as Sen. Ted Cruz and Reps. Michele Bachmann and Joe Wilson impose their Tea-cracy on themselves and leave the real world alone.



Legacy Comments1

Thanks, Ed! Speaking of Bachmann . . . did you hear the latest brilliant idea from her? Get rid of Halloween because it's PAGAN! Forget that Christmas is ALSO just as pagan as Halloween. A-DDDDUUUHHHHHH!!!!!!

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