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Letter: Bad spot for burger shop

Re “Five Guys coming to Fort Eddy” (Monitor front page, Oct. 12):

So, Five Guys Burgers and Fries wants to open in the former Hallmark location. Get real, we don’t need more congestion on Fort Eddy Road.

I think that the former Rainbow Buffet location on Storrs Street next to Market Basket would be a much more practical move. It’s been vacant for years.



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Restaurants are built to make money and they are built in high traffic areas. The Rainbow location was not and is not a good location. North and South Main Street would not have the traffic needed either. We are talking a concept with sales on the low end of $750,000 to well over $1,700,000+ on the high end. My educated guess would be that most of the restaurants on the Heights probably average between $600,000 to $1,250,000. The ONLY place that Five Guys could do the sales necessary from a location standpoint would be Loudon Road. However, they will be a destination for the first 6-8 months and regardless of location, people will search them out. No guarantees after that. Manchester Street is iffy at best.

5 Guys can't put its restaurant just anywhere: they first need to lease or buy some land land from its current owners. We don't know if the Storrs Street location was even available at all, let alone available at the right price. In any case, speaking hypothetically, if I was one of 5 Guys' investors and I could put up a restaurant on any currently empty location anywhere in Concord, with the exception of Fort Eddy Road, I wouldn't pick Storrs Street anyway. I would put the restaurant somewhere on either North or South Main Street, or on Loudon Road, or possibly out on Manchester Street by the car dealerships.

I would suggest this letter be posed to students and see if they can see the flaws in the thinking

I mean the way is set up.

How about fixing that parking lot? I remember it was supposed to be fixed back when Rich,s.

Obviously, "Five Guys" sees a congested area as a good place to run a business. Wouldn't you? Or would you open your business on a dead end street with no traffic?

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