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Letter: Childish

Pledges are for politicians who feel they can’t control themselves. They are childish and do not take into account changes that can happen in the future. The Pledge has tied our state up in knots for 40 years.



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Imagine if we had instituted an income or sales tax 40 years ago. Does anyone really think that we would be in better financial shape today. The short answer is "NO", the long answer is that politicians would have found another way to spend it all. Property taxes would still be high. In every single state where a promise of reduced property taxes was made, they dropped for awhile but the drunk sailor politicians spent the states in to oblivion. It would happen here. There is a 'program' for just about any social inequity or perceived wrong as created by progressives. They just want to spend, spend, spend. The pledge is important as it speaks to the honor, principles and character of the person taking it. Three things that are not considered by any progressive or liberal.

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