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In His Own Words: Who in the world is Ben Carson?

We were startled to learn that the New Hampshire Young Republicans had chosen Dr. Ben Carson as their favorite for president in 2016 in a straw poll held at their recent lobster bake in Seabrook. By an enormous margin, Carson beat out Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie and just about every other big-name Republican you can imagine.

Who the heck is Ben Carson? We’re here to help!

Carson is a retired neurosurgeon who performed pioneering work in the separation of conjoined twins joined at the head. He is a new contributor to Fox News and has recently become a favorite of conservative activists for his commentary on a range of political topics. At the recent Values Voter Summit, for instance, Carson called Obamacare the worst thing that has happened to the country since slavery.

Here are some excerpts from his talk:

On health care: “My dream was to become a doctor. As a youngster growing up in Detroit and Boston, it seemed like a lofty goal, but something that I felt was obtainable. And when I finally did achieve that dream as an intern and a junior resident at Johns Hopkins, one of the things that really struck me as I went into those wards, and I would see all of these people – the CEO of this company, the president of this organization, the crown prince of this country, the queen of this nation – frequently dying of some horrible disease, and every single one of them would have gladly given every penny and every title for a clean bill of health. And you begin to realize how critically important your health is. It is the most valuable thing that you have. Everything else pales into insignificance compared to your health. And that’s the reason that your health should be controlled by you and not by the government.”

On the Affordable Care Act: “Obamacare is really, I think, the worst thing that has happened in this nation since slavery. It is slavery, in a way, because it is making all of us subservient to the government. And it was never about health care; it was about control. That’s why when this administration took office, it didn’t matter that the country was going off the cliff economically. All forces were directed toward getting this legislation passed. And why did they want to pass it so badly? . . .Vladimir Lenin, one of the fathers of socialism, said this: Socialized medicine is the keystone to the establishment of a socialist state. Some people have said, “Oh, come on, you’re being paranoid. How can anybody bring up something like this?” I would say, if you know anything about history, how could you not bring it up?”

On abortion: “But when we’re talking about things that are important, life is important. And that includes the life of the unborn, also. You know, there are those of us in this society who’ve told women that there’s a war on them because that cute little baby inside of them, they may want to get rid of it. And there are people who are keeping you from doing that. And women say, no, no, they’re not doing that to me. No. And they get all riled up and think that somebody’s depriving them.”

On the so-called war on women: “There’s no war on women. You think about it: When a woman is pregnant, what happens? People get up and give her their seat, they get out of her way, they say, You go first. There is great respect and love for pregnant women. There is no war on them; the war is on their babies – that’s where the war is. Babies that cannot defend themselves. Over the past few decades we have destroyed 55 million of them. And we have the nerve to call other societies of the past heathen. . . .What we need to do is re-educate the women to understand that they are the defenders of these babies.”

Legacy Comments4

When is the Concord Monitor going to run the "In his own words" segment on President Obama. How about we go back and look at his words on things like the debt ceiling, Obamacare, and Benghazi where are those in your own words segments concord Monitor?

You do not have to worry about the Monitor running anything which does not agree with their political views. They own the paper and they will not run stories or investigative pieces which buck their own beliefs and people who they support.

FYI just weeks after his comments condemning Obama Policies....Carson was audited by the IRS for his 1st time in life.....hmmmmm

Extremist Republican retread in different packaging. Just what the GOP is looking for.

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