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Letter: Shaheen is working hard for us

Re “Actually, Rubens’s idea trumps Shaheen’s” (Monitor letter, Oct. 18):

Gary Rucinski astutely noted in his letter that even residents of Massachusetts acknowledge that Sen. Jeanne Shaheen is working hard for New Hampshire and the nation. Moreover, challenger Jim Rubens still has no support for his campaign in the very state he is running in.

It is striking that Rubens, who has been campaigning since June, has not had a single person write him a letter of support who wasn’t either from Massachusetts or a staffer on his campaign. This is reflective of his inability to relate to the people of New Hampshire and how disheveled his campaign is.

Shaheen, on the other hand, has demonstrated with her energy efficiency bill why she is the most popular and respected politicians in our state. While most in Washington are paralyzed by partisanship, Shaheen’s energy bill brings both Republicans and Democrats together and has been endorse, impressively, by 200 businesses, trade associations and advocacy groups. The bill would provide $20 billion in net savings for American households, have a net creation of 160,000 jobs and environmentally would have the same effect of taking 23 million cars off the road. While Rubens continues to throw vapid arguments against Shaheen, our U.S. senator will continue her hard work as not only a climate champion, but also a champion for all Granite Staters.



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Legacy Comments2

Editor Belman when reviewing accuracy of letters to the editor please take note of the letters written liberals and hold them until the inaccuracies are corrected.

How many times is the Monitor going to use this lie that Shaheen is working hard for us when she clearly is not. Shaheen voted for the bombing of Syria when the NH voters didn't want that Shaheen voted for ObamaKare when NH voters didn't want that Shaheen voted for the Sequester NH voters didn't want that. Shaheen continually votes against NH voters time and time again. As for vapid Shaheen is the queen of vapid which will be exopsed in any debate she will participate in. Shaheen is so vapid she will not have a town meeting because she is not a quick thinker and needs to be told. As for the letter claim that: "It is striking that Rubens, who has been campaigning since June, has not had a single person write him a letter of support." That is an out right lie. Here is a letter I wrote in August please note the last line: http://www.concordmonitor.com/opinion/8049930-95/letter-agent-29

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