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Letter: Profit Protection Act

It has been tough to watch the rollout of the Affordable Care Act. Having followed the twists and turns in the attempts of politicians to address our national health insurance mess since the 2008 presidential campaign, I cry for our country.

The Affordable Care Act should have been called the Profit Protection and Unaffordable Care Act because it further entrenches the underlying cause of the mess: the use of for-profit companies to collect and process our payments for our own health care. The ACA is unaffordable for the country. It protects the profits of these companies, wastes tens of millions of our dollars on even more companies to attempt fixing a horribly flawed law, and hires yet more companies for additional millions to explain this mess to us. And, by the way, we spend 20 cents of every dollar that goes to the insurance companies just on their overhead, before any money gets spent on your health care.

Just for comparison, Medicare has an overhead of about 1.4 cents. Languishing in committee is HR 676, which is vastly superior to ACA. Affordable, universal and putting in place an efficient, effective system, HR 676 was initially held from going to the floor by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who received well over $1 million in campaign contributions from the insurance/pharmaceutical industry while President Obama’s campaign received more than $21 million. So instead of a smoothly functioning health insurance system we now have this mess.



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