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Letter: I’m a freak. I gave up texting.

It is official: I am a freak. I am a freak because I have given up texting on my cell phone.

I was terrified to do this at first; I thought I would have major withdrawal symptoms, since I considered texting to be an addictive behavior. So I weaned myself. I went from unlimited texting to 1,500 texts down to zero. The results: I have my mind back. I no longer need to have my phone with me at all times. I am no longer being conditioned (like a dog in a Pavlov experiment) to respond every time my phone dings.

The most significant result is that my daughter has noticed, and it has strengthened our relationship. I have made a conscious effort to be more present. Perhaps I could have done this and still had the capability to text on my phone, but I know myself and needed to remove the temptation.

My intention in writing this is not to be self-righteous and judge those who still text. Instead, I want to serve as an example that it is possible to live in this society, in this day and age, and not text. You may even be happier.



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Congrats on being a "freak." I wish there were more "freaks" around these days. If it means you're a freak to prefer face-to-face human interaction to killing the joints and tendons in your fingers and hands by rapping them against the keypad of your "device" - then call me a freak.

Not a freak in my book, I call it being sensible and rational. Before you know it, you won't interrupt something important, or at least useful, that you are doing (including simply having a conversation with someone important in your life) when the phone rings, and will instead let your answering machine take the call.

Good for you! I really think "overusing" cell phones (to put it politely) for non-necessary things has become a big problem for many people.

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