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Letter: Obama pleads ignorance

The news over the past year has been full of government missteps. From Benghazi to the IRS scandal to the NSA spying on world leaders to Saudi Arabia’s and other “friends’ ” unhappiness with us. Now with the ignominious rollout of the Affordable Care Act we have been hit by one screw-up after another, both domestic and international. Couple this with the inability of Washington to deal with budget issues, illegal immigration and the debt, and we appear to have a dysfunctional government out of control.

There is plenty of blame to go around and the American people, in voting in some of these characters who represent them, surely must take some of the blame. But these times are not unique in our history as any reading of it will show.

The president is the leader of our country. What he does to make it function effectively and to make it a better place for us, our children and our grandchildren is what will determine his greatness or even competence.

The great presidents are remembered for knowing what was happening and taking the appropriate steps to make them happen for our benefit. I am certain our president wants to be remembered for doing great things. But he has, throughout most of these crises, pleaded ignorance. His responses to them have been dissembling, at best. Is it better that he didn’t know about his administration’s missteps and miscues or that he knew about them and didn’t stop them? Is our cool, calm, collected and so-called cerebral president just there for the glory? Or is he concerned, engaged and effectively making the decisions that are required for greatness?


New London

Legacy Comments1

America is figuring out that Obama does what is best for Obama and if that includes lying about something as personal as being able to keep your doctor and your children keeping their doctor Obama will lie. In the past Obama was caught red handed lying about Benghazi but the media surrounded the wagon and ran cover for Obama not this time. Only a few people felt the pain of losing their love ones in Benghazi. People from all strips across this country are feeling the pain being inflicted by Obamacare and they don't like it and this time any media running cover for Obama's lies will be ridiculed and mocked and perhaps but out of business for their recklessness.

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