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Letter: Agenda of lies and deceit

President Obama’s visit to Faneuil Hall last week was an insult. The nerve of this man to stand on sacred ground in Boston, given his big-goverment, socialist agenda, disgusts me. He has already disgraced the office he holds. The gall of this man to stand in a hall and give a speech, spinning his agenda of lies and deceit with a backdrop mural of our founding fathers behind him should send a chill up all our spins. His ego is only surpassed by his arrogance. Three more years – God help us all.



Legacy Comments2

Does the quote "I am not a crook." or the whole WMD business ring any bells? Show me one single politician that is truthful to a fault. People don't look for honesty, they look for someone that tells them what they want to hear, pure and simple.

Lying about something so personal like being able to keep your and your children's doctor and keeping a healthcare plan that you like and can afford is unforgivable. Lets make sure that those who have also lied like Jeanne Shaheen and Carol Shea-Porter get fired in November of 2014.

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