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Letter: A new push for nukes

I’m shocked, shocked! Really, I am, because I just read that four of the foremost experts on global warming are calling on the world to build more nuclear power plants. Right, more nuke plants. In a letter to other green energy experts and science publications, James Hansen, former top NASA scientist; Ken Caldeira of the Carngie Institute; Kerry Emanual of MIT; and Tom Wigley of the University of Adelaide in Australia all believe we have no choice because solar and wind power units just can’t scale up in time.

I’ve never been a big fan of the green movement, but if folks like these are calling for nukes, I may have to think about the idea a little more. Most of the green movement is very much against the nuke industry. Nukes have never been a big favorite of mine either, mostly because of the disposal problems and, more recently, fear they could attract terrorist attacks.

Must feel like a rock and a hard place for the experts. It will be interesting to see how the devoted green activists respond to this.



Legacy Comments1

Is there anyone left in the country licensed to build one???

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