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Hot Topic: Frustration galore with Obamacare (and its critics)

The Monitor has received considerable mail in recent days about the Affordable Care Act. Here’s a sampling:

Zero tolerance for error

The rollout of the king’s unaffordable Affordable Care Act was nothing short of a disaster. With four years and half a billion taxpayer dollars spent, there was absolutely no excuse for the ACA implementation to be less than 100 percent perfect on the due date. There is zero tolerance for error. Period.



Hardly a ‘cheapo’ plan!

I must take issue with the Monitor’s Nov. 6 editorial, “ ‘Time out’ is wrong fix for Obamacare.”

Just as Pompeii is not in Greece, your conclusion that the only folks suffering are those who bought “cheapo” policies is plain wrong. My wife and I are both attorneys. I have litigated coverage disputes between policyholders and insurers. My wife and I both know our way through an insurance policy and both know how to weigh risks and rewards. We have been covered for years by Anthem Blue Cross. I pay for the policy as an individual – not through a company. We opted years ago for Anthem’s Lumenos plan. It offered a “cheapo” premium of slightly under $1,000 per month for family coverage.

Anthem notified me in early October that this plan does not meet Obamacare’s specifications and so is being discontinued. After a series of web sessions and phone calls, it looks like the new, “affordable” plan being offered will require a 50.8 percent increase in premium, a 140 percent increase in the per person deductible, and a 56 percent increase in the annual out-of-pocket maximum. This is not “better” coverage or “more comprehensive” coverage any more than the prior coverage was “cheapo,” “substandard, or any of the epithets now being used to cover up for the administration’s lying on this subject.

My wife and I will pay more for less, period. It is still unclear whether we’ll be able to keep our doctor, as no one seems able to answer that question definitively. You are entitled to any opinion you’d like to hold, but try to get your facts straight. You may not think Obamacare is a disaster, but you cannot disregard the real impact its rollout is having on thousands of Concord families.



We cannot ignore the needs of those less fortunate

The fact that I was blessed with affordable insurance including regular preventative care saved my life twice. Had I been uninsured and forced to wait until my cancer revealed itself by bleeding or pain, I might well have died receiving emergency hospital care that came to late. For this reason I have fought long and hard for the Affordable Care Act.

As a pro-life Christian who has always had insurance, I cannot ignore the needs of those less fortunate. I must work for a society in which no one is denied lifesaving medical care because of the inability to pay.

The current law is not perfect. The reality is that many of the law’s flaws come from the fact that Obamacare is a compromise largely dependent on private insurance. However, it does represent the best hope we have of achieving a caring society where no one dies for lack of access to health care. When the current website disaster is a distant memory, Americans will have the security of knowing that whatever happens they will always have access to quality affordable health care.



Best bet: stay healthy

It’s truly fascinating to see how fixated the press and the general public can get on symptoms and not their underlying causes. Case in point: the current ado over the fiasco wherein multitudes of hopeful Obamacare enrollees cannot access the system. Well, folks, the sad fact of the matter is that even had the system worked perfectly, those accessing it would be very little closer to effective health care coverage than they were before – if they lacked coverage in the first place.

Placing millions of new enrollees into a system with few new doctors coming aboard will guarantee lengthy waits for most and probably perfunctory care at best when they finally reach the head of the line.

Other problems besetting this ill-advised government takeover of the medical profession and the health insurance industry are too numerous to describe in one writing, even by experts. The only defense left, if the voters and Congress will not change the situation, is to stay healthy or come into enough wealth to pay all your own medical bills.



Gross hypocrisy
from the GOP

We have been hearing the rantings and ravings of Republicans regarding the Affordable Care Act. They couldn’t defeat the president in the 2012 elections with the American voters knowing full-well that President Obama wanted health care coverage for everyone at an affordable cost. Republicans tried more than 40 times to repeal the law with no results other than shutting down the government at a cost of more than $24 billion. Some were even willing to force the United States to default on its obligations!

Now that the ACA website is up and running all we hear from Republicans is that Obama was wrong, misled the public or, worse, lied! Where were these Republicans when President Bush told us that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and the United States was in imminent danger of attack? If I recall correctly there were no calls for hearings or investigations, no calls for Bush administration officials to resign, no call for “repealing” the war – just silence.

It’s one thing to be wrong/mislead/lie about a website and some clauses in the ACA. It’s something else to be wrong/mislead/lie about starting a war that cost the lives of thousands of Americans, thousands more maimed and mentally scarred, and even more thousands of dead Iraqis, not to mention billions of dollars spent on a war that was started because of the Bush administration being wrong/misleading/lying.

As far as I know not one person has died because of a bad website. Many politicians tend to be hypocrites, but the Republicans are the Einsteins of hypocrisy!



129 percent increase

I was so happy to read in the Nov. 6 Monitor that renewal of my cancelled health insurance is an option. For my wife Heidi and me to be able to continue going to our physician at Pleasant Street Family Medicine, where we have had three fantastic doctors, Web Soule, Rob Kiefner and now Patrick Fox for 30-plus years, is very important to us, especially since they and Concord Hospital are just 6 miles from our home. Of course, this plan will only be available to us for one year, and the premium has gone from $700 to $1,600 for a two-person, $11,900 deductible Bronze Plan, a 129 percent increase. Great job, Mr. President!



Legacy Comments8

The story about Obama meeting with the Dems over the Obamacare rollout was on all the national news outlets. Sorry you missed it Van, but then you only watch Fox right?

Tillie, I didn't miss it at all. It was a phony as his you can keep it if you like it speeches. Obama is a serial liar and you know it.

One more big one that the Monitor failed to report this week: Jeanne Shaheen was one of the vulnerable being impacted by ObamaKare.

This week not covered in the Monitor concerning ObamaKare: Obama’s non-apology apology Obama changing his story but the White House Website still propagating the big lie Obama’s approval numbers hit new low: paragraph...

Thanks GWTW!! The 13th paragraph and a total white wash at that. It is clear that that want this story buried. Van's stands corrected the Monitor puts some of the info in the 13th paragraph.

Insurance plan cancelled? Increased premiums? Website wont work?? "Sorry!" BHO

One thing I have summarized from these is that there some people who are poorly informed or are just lying and there are some people who are very informed and have been impacted by the nightmare known as ObamaKare. First of all lets address the lie about Bush's claim about WMDS and how that claim was also supported by democrats: had no support from Republicans at all. In fact Republicans were stopped by democrats Shaheen and Shea-Porter trying to pass a law that truly grandfathered plans that people liked so they knew back than that ObamaKare was going to destroy those plans. What I also learned from these letters that so-called "Pro-Life Christians" support taxpayer funded abortions and that also support repeated lying over and over again because the ends justifies the means. I also want to thank Bian Tauscher and his wife for sharing his true life story about how ObamaKare is devastating millions of other Americans just like them because a law was built on a foundation of lies and big government corruption.

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