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Letter: Hardly a ‘cheapo’ plan!

I must take issue with the Monitor’s Nov. 6 editorial, “ ‘Time out’ is wrong fix for Obamacare.”

Just as Pompeii is not in Greece, your conclusion that the only folks suffering are those who bought “cheapo” policies is plain wrong. My wife and I are both attorneys. I have litigated coverage disputes between policyholders and insurers. My wife and I both know our way through an insurance policy and both know how to weigh risks and rewards. We have been covered for years by Anthem Blue Cross. I pay for the policy as an individual – not through a company. We opted years ago for Anthem’s Lumenos plan. It offered a “cheapo” premium of slightly under $1,000 per month for family coverage.

Anthem notified me in early October that this plan does not meet Obamacare’s specifications and so is being discontinued. After a series of web sessions and phone calls, it looks like the new, “affordable” plan being offered will require a 50.8 percent increase in premium, a 140 percent increase in the per person deductible, and a 56 percent increase in the annual out-of-pocket maximum. This is not “better” coverage or “more comprehensive” coverage any more than the prior coverage was “cheapo,” “substandard, or any of the epithets now being used to cover up for the administration’s lying on this subject.

My wife and I will pay more for less, period. It is still unclear whether we’ll be able to keep our doctor, as no one seems able to answer that question definitively. You are entitled to any opinion you’d like to hold, but try to get your facts straight. You may not think Obamacare is a disaster, but you cannot disregard the real impact its rollout is having on thousands of Concord families.



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