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Letter: A few Thanksgiving questions

I have some “what-ifs” regarding Barbara Bonsignore’s letter, “Say no to Thanksgiving turkey” (Monitor, Nov. 6).

What if the turkey you eat on Thanksgiving lived its entire life in the woods as nature intended, and that bird died instantly without knowing any pain or terror at all? And what if the person dispatching that turkey was engaged in a legal, licensed activity that is proven to be the most effective way to control wildlife populations in our ever-shrinking wilderness? And what if the very existence of that bird in our state is due to the hard work of those dedicated conservationists who enter the woods to try and kill one twice a year? And what if those same folks who saved this bird from extirpation also donate thousands of pounds of high-protein food to homeless shelters in the state each year? Or better yet, what if you consider that Big Corn, Big Tofu and Big Veggie cause plenty of death and destruction every year through “culling nuisance pests” that eat their crops, “harvest machine fatalities” and simple deforestation and destruction of natural wildlife habitat in order to create more crop fields?

Guilt-free, locally-sourced, free-range, cage-free, healthy – those are all words that describe the flesh of Meleagris gallopavo. Happy Turkey Day, everyone!



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