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Letter: Where do your representatives stand on farm animal bill?

After reading the Nov. 2 Monitor Forum column on rising standards for treatment of animals, I think it’s clear that there are no standards at all for farm animals.

If it’s legal to castrate pigs without anesthetic, ship live animals to post offices as if they were cargo, feed live baby male chicks to grinders and take newly born male dairy calves from their mothers and isolate them in plastic crates, why on earth would the sponsors of House Bill 110 be opposed to exposing what’s illegal? What are they trying to hide?

The very least we can do is address the illegal cruelty since the farms seem to be doing a very poor job at policing themselves. I looked this up on the internet, and the undercover videos were so shockingly sadistic that I couldn’t even watch them.

Where is the USDA? Why would farmers allow this sickening behavior to go on? From the large number of undercover videos online, I’m beginning to get the impression that this abuse is endemic to the farm animal industry as a whole. I’m going to contact my legislators to see where they stand on HB 110.

This bill will be voted on by the New Hampshire House in the first or second week of January. Before you get distracted by holiday festivities, please contact your representatives today. This stuff has got to stop.



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The undercover videos of how farm animals are treated are shocking indeed. And those are just routine practices. If we would see anybody treating an animal like that on the street, we would certainly intervene, or call the police. But billions of animals are enduring such cruelty behind closed doors in the US everyday. After seeing the video, I became a vegan without looking back. No way I am taking part in such cruelty again. And one bonus is that, I am healthier than ever. It turned out that there is plenty of scientific evidence showing that eating meat and dairy causes us cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc.

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