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Hot Topic: What’s New Hampshire talking about? Obamacare!

The Monitor has received considerable mail in recent days about the ever-evolving Affordable Care Act. Here’s a sampling:

Good news, bad news

Good news: As of Nov. 14 at 9 a.m., the Affordable Care Act website works great. I signed up on the national website, because former House speaker Bill O’Brien and his buddies wouldn’t let New Hampshire have its own site. The bad news is, I didn’t get health care coverage because the New Hamphsire lawmakers haven’t expanded Medicaid eligibility. This is what I was told: “Based on the information you provided, the new federal health care law provides that you are eligible for free or low-cost health care through New Hampshire Medicaid. However, the state of New Hampshire has chosen not to offer you this new health care coverage at this time.”

The national website works fine, but poor people in New Hampshire will still have no health care coverage.



GOP obstructionism

Over the past year, Republicans nationwide have made one thing abundantly clear: They want to make their political careers healthier then their own constituents.

At every opportunity, the GOP has launched itself into a demented state of obstructionism at the slightest hiccup in the Affordabe Care Act’s implementation. Let’s be clear: Democrats are not blind to the need for tweaks and adjustments to the law. Nationwide health care reform is no easy task, and work will be required to fine tune the ACA. However, instead of providing constructive criticism on how to better make this law work for the people of America, Republicans have taken a vindictive path of trying to prohibit access to affordable health care. Even more egregious in this GOP obstructionist strategy is that they aren’t providing an alternative or even the simplest of ideas. The Republicans believe the health care system that was in place before the ACA was the Shangri-La of coverage and affordability.

What the Republican Party doesn’t want you to know is that the ACA, through tax credits, is driving down the cost of healthcare for millions of Americans. They don’t want to explain to you that you don’t have to include your health history in your insurance application because now insurance companies can’t discriminate against you. But the GOP has been suppressing these stories in favor of fear mongering for their own political gains. This will prove to a be disastrous strategy when millions of American families are safely insured under the ACA and our country is saving billions of dollars a year.



Shoved down our throats

I have been employed in New Hampshire by the same company for 13 years. The company I work for is rated by Business New Hampshire magazine as in the top 10. Although the wages at this company are lower than those in Massachusetts, the benefit package offered by my company has always made up for that fact.

We employees were recently called to a meeting to explain that because of the new health care act our company is going to enroll us into a benefit package that will raise my co-pay, and cut benefits. Our current plan is considered a “Cadillac plan.” And I cannot blame the company for its choice. I can, however, reflect my unhappiness at the polls in the next election, as it seems no one in Washington has any respect for the working people in this country. I am sure that many will be seriously considering actions at the polls, as the conversations at the lunch tables reflect much of the same opinions as myself.

Thanks for nothing to you and all who helped to shove this down our throats.



We hate liars

When the president of the United States looks the American public straight in the eye and lies to them time after time, scandal after scandal, the color of his skin or his race is not the issue. Those of us who oppose President Obama and everything he stands for don’t hate him – we just hate liars. So please spare us the claims of hate and prejudice. Obama could sell a bottle of sand to an Arab. We won’t get fooled again.



Obama the dictator

Well, I’m reading about the promise the president made to the country that they would be able to keep their present insurance plan if they wanted to keep it. We now know that he was lying through his teeth, so he apologizes to everyone like this is going to fix everything! They are still without insurance in the meantime, and that puts them all in jeopardy. Sorry, but if this is the best we can do for a “president,” we are all in deep trouble.

He sounds like one of the dictators of the East. Some democracy we have, isn’t it!

I’d like to see how he would like his family not covered by any insurance!



State Senate fiasco

Once again some in the state Senate have shown their arrogance and contempt for the majority of New Hampshire residents by holding their hearing on the Affordable Care Act/Medicare in a room too small for the crowd that they saw at the House hearing. A move across the street to the Legislative Office Building would have avoided the fiasco that their hearing turned out to be.

“We The People” have the right to be heard, and hopefully, come next election cycle, people will remember and understand this and vote out the rest of “Billy the Bully” O’Brien’s cronies. I, for one, will work to make this happen.



Legacy Comments14

To gd below...'So for all you right wing mouth parrots out there,"...any liberal members of the comment community want to complain about namecalling??? Hmmm? Anyone??

Seems to me that all the problems we are seeing with the ACA only shore up the argument for a single payer system. So for all you right wing mouth parrots out there, yeah I too can produce a few Canadians who can tell us real life first hand experiences with the failures of their system. Nothing is perfect in this world, after all. The fact is, however, that I can far more easily come up with large numbers of Canadians who tell horror stories of getting sick, going to their doctor, getting seen, followed by some instructions and sometimes a prescription to take for a short time. No bill from the doctor, no bill from the pharmacy. The fact is, almost every one of them is, every time, happy with the care they get in all ways. That suresounds like a terrible, evil system to me.

No, it shores up the argument to stay with our current system before Obamacare and fix it. Nothing is free, everyone pays for it. Your sweeping generalization about the Canadian system is a generalization and propaganda.

Who said anything about free? Nobody on the left in these forums claims that single payer (or Obamacare) is free. You keep trying to make the point that we think it's free, but none of us is saying that. "Everybody pays for it" is exactly what we single-payer proponants want. Just because you don't want that, doesn't mean we don't know what we're saying.

You said no bill from your doctor, no bill from your pharmacy, etc. Everyone does not pay for it. If you earn $100,000 per year, you pay for your own and a couple of other people. The person earning $65,000 gets if for practically nothing. It does not matter whether or not you know what you are saying, what do people want? The majority do not want a plan where the government tells you what is best for you and takes away choice and quality.

I didn't say "no bill from your doctor," but if I had, I would have been more specific - no personal bill in your mailbox from the doctor, because it's already been paid for through payroll and capital gains taxes (your's and everyone else's.) BTW, the way you quote numbers about how much people would contribute toward single payer is astounding. Can I get some of that crystal ball? At any rate, it may be true that for now the majority does not want single-payer. I know that. However, it doesn't mean we can't or shouldn't continue to advocate for it. Social Security and Medicare had very little support in the beginning as well.

there is no bill because some hard working American would pick up the tab for is bill and yours too.

Regarding Charles Doughty's letter about his employer blaming Obamacare for reduced health care benefits: my company is doing the same thing. Here's what our HR guy DIDN'T tell us: 1) while our health care plan is pretty good, it is NOT a "Cadillac" plan (cost of coverage over $10,500 for individuals and over $27,500 for families annually) and 2) the tax doesn't kick in until 2018. It's very convenient for companies to blame health care reform to shift costs to employees yet again. I believe some companies did something similar during the recession when they blamed the economy and laid people off only to have the remaining employees work harder and harder to keep up with the same volume of work as before.

Businesses are not charities, they are revenue generators. In most cases, the people running the companies make great salaries but they generate more revenue through the purchase of materials, new equipment, etc. It waterfalls to other companies. You seem to suggest that they purposely cut employees to force the remaining employees to work harder. Companies making a 10% profit margin might only be able to survive on a 10% profit margin. Does that mean that the remaining employees may have to work harder? Sure. Those employees are the lucky ones who still have a job. The issue in this countries today is that people think like "employees" feeling entitled once they have a job to never having anything negative happen in their job. The other issue is that when things get tough, American workers seem to target the profit margin or upper management expecting them to sacrifice so that things like layoffs don't happen.

Itsa, I believe you've mentioned in previous posts that the state and the country in general are changing, and changing for the worse. Yes, you're right. In decades past (mostly the 3 decades after WWII) many company executives believed that a company's wealth and good fortune should be shared amongst ALL employees--labor and management alike. That is not true today. It's every man/woman for himself. In 1980 the CEO of a large company made 40 times the pay of the average worker. Today that ratio is approaching 400. No doubt, the recession hit many companies hard and layoffs were necessary. But over the past couple of years profits have increased but the layoffs continue. Companies are sitting on piles of money and not hiring because they've discovered that they can ask more and more from their remaining employees. This is great for company executives and their shareholders. Not so great for the middle class. But it is the middle class that drives our economy, not the 1%. Hence, we have our "jobless recovery". I think it's fair to say that the worker-bees have made more sacrifices than upper management.

Your simplistic understanding of commerce is seriously flawed. None of the metrics you use have anything to do with capitalism. Answer this: why has the productivity of employees increased? Answer this: what profit would you allow companies to achieve?

I don't often agree with Cecile Marina but she absolutely nails Obama. Obama is doing his best to transform America into a dictatorship and turning us into a 3rd world nation.

I am only slightly curious as to just how a democratically elected President can be viewed as a dictator. Are you sure we are both using the same definition? As for a 3rd world nation, well the defining point on what makes for a 3rd world nation is the lack of a strong middle class. I don't see any indication that the GOP is very middle class friendly. Time to go back and retake politics 101.

NObama and the democrats have taken the debt from 10 Trillion to over $$$$17 Trillion in just 4+ years. Only a low information democrat voter can think that their democrat cradle to grave entitlement policies are sustainable - The USA is BROKE - thanks democrats

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