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Letter: GOP obstructionism

Over the past year, Republicans nationwide have made one thing abundantly clear: They want to make their political careers healthier then their own constituents.

At every opportunity, the GOP has launched itself into a demented state of obstructionism at the slightest hiccup in the Affordabe Care Act’s implementation. Let’s be clear: Democrats are not blind to the need for tweaks and adjustments to the law. Nationwide health care reform is no easy task, and work will be required to fine tune the ACA. However, instead of providing constructive criticism on how to better make this law work for the people of America, Republicans have taken a vindictive path of trying to prohibit access to affordable health care. Even more egregious in this GOP obstructionist strategy is that they aren’t providing an alternative or even the simplest of ideas. The Republicans believe the health care system that was in place before the ACA was the Shangri-La of coverage and affordability.

What the Republican Party doesn’t want you to know is that the ACA, through tax credits, is driving down the cost of healthcare for millions of Americans. They don’t want to explain to you that you don’t have to include your health history in your insurance application because now insurance companies can’t discriminate against you. But the GOP has been suppressing these stories in favor of fear mongering for their own political gains. This will prove to a be disastrous strategy when millions of American families are safely insured under the ACA and our country is saving billions of dollars a year.



Legacy Comments1

Somebody has clearly drunk a jug of the leftists Kool Aid. Repeating the leftist rhetoric that doesnt have a stitch of fact is the mark of the Saul Alinsky tactics of the democrats

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