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Letter: Obama the dictator

Well, I’m reading about the promise the president made to the country that they would be able to keep their present insurance plan if they wanted to keep it. We now know that he was lying through his teeth, so he apologizes to everyone like this is going to fix everything! They are still without insurance in the meantime, and that puts them all in jeopardy. Sorry, but if this is the best we can do for a “president,” we are all in deep trouble.

He sounds like one of the dictators of the East. Some democracy we have, isn’t it!

I’d like to see how he would like his family not covered by any insurance!



Legacy Comments2

Time for you to look up the word dictator. Please be kind enough to point out a politician that doesn't lie. News flash, your answer would be a lie - they all do.

....and by your comments it shows you have become numb to what is incorrect. When you lose your outrage you have lost your freedom.

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