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Letter: ‘Brave New World’

I am distressed by the genetically engineered foods ever more at our disposal. Growth hormones are given to cows, which stresses them. This seeps into milk. What effect does it have on us? What other animals get them? Likely the turkeys for their extra large breast meat. They are so overloaded they can scarcely walk.

And all the seedless fruit in stores is genetically engineered. Seeds are good for us, for fiber. Grapes and watermelon without seeds are too weird for me. I don’t want oversized blackberries and blueberries. Give me the small, tasty delicious ones, with seeds.

We’re in Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World” and I don’t like it one bit.

And yes, we need to know about the GMOs in foods. Label them so we can avoid them.



Legacy Comments1

Yamilee, We are also experiencing Orwell's 1984 under Obama. Perhaps a hybrid Huxley-Orwell existence is what we should be concerned with. But I also like seedless fruits, I can't imagine eating watermelon seeds. When it comes to watermelons, however, the heirloom, yellow watermelons are much sweeter. Remember, watermelons are 96% water, so honestly they are very healthy either way.

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