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Letter: Boon for North Country

When PSNH announced its plans to build the Northern Pass power line, I was happy to hear more good-paying jobs were coming to New Hampshire. I am 25, and many of my friends are leaving the North Country to find jobs elsewhere. I started my own business, JCS Trucking, and am employing people today. Northern Pass would likely bring enough work to my company that I could hire others in Coos County.

I’ve heard a lot of opponents criticize these jobs as temporary work that will only be around for a few years. What they don’t understand is that most construction jobs are temporary jobs. People in construction will work a job until it’s done, and then they start looking for another one. It’s the nature of the business.

I’ve also heard a lot of people criticize the jobs Northern Pass would create, as if they aren’t “good jobs.” One critic, John Harrigan, who writes for the Union Leader and is obviously opposed to Northern Pass, wrote a few weeks ago that New Hampshire will “mostly get the low-paying jobs – waving flags, folding bed sheets, flipping burgers.” This couldn’t be further from the truth. New Hampshire has many skilled tradesmen who are capable of working on the Northern Pass and would love a job on the project. Northern Pass has also pledged to hire New Hampshire workers first.

As for those burger flippers, I suppose Harrigan has never had to work on a road crew, in a hotel or at a restaurant, but there are plenty of people in this state who do and would love to see a boost in business from Northern Pass.



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Unless this can reduce our electric bills by 50%, it is really not worth it. Mine is $100, my taxes paid to the government are $15,000. Maybe we should find that savings from our taxes.

"Likely" bring work is not much of a promise, is it? Meanwhile, Northern Pass would certainly bring economic pain to your neighbors. No one denies what would happen to the value of their property, and Stark would get a particularly nasty dose of towers. Should you gain at their expense? That's not good business practice for a startup company. Why don't you advocate for burying the line so that no one has to suffer? Do you really believe Northern Pass when it says it can't be done?

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