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Letter: In democracy and capitalism inherent conflicts exist

The media- and poll-driven frenzy over Obamacare will resolve itself, given a chance, but it does highlight the conflicts inherent in a democratic capitalist society.

Democracy demands fairness and justice for all, but the foundation of capitalism rests on the bottom-line – not always fair and just. How can we make health care affordable for all citizens and still provide health care professionals and insurers reasonable compensation? What constitutes “reasonable” should be written into the legislation and/or tax codes. To date, all players have subsidized or absorbed the costs of treating the uninsured. The success of Canadian and European health care systems is based upon the willingness of all players to pay higher taxes for all items, not just health care. If Americans are again going to play the blame game, how about including all consumers who continue to believe that they are entitled to those benefits without paying for their costs.

Phil Gramm (remember him – former Republican Senator from Texas?) liked to say we have become a “nation of whiners.” George W. Bush suggested we are addicted to oil. Of course, both are wealthy and can afford to pay hefty prices for both. It helps to put those controversies into perspective. At a time when mega-storms, droughts, floods, pandemics, monoculture and the possibility of an asteroid collision are increasing, we should be working together to resolve those issues. As my biologist husband recites, it’s all in the numbers. We should start there.



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Serveral news flashes here. First of all USA is a Republic. Next Canada and Europe health care system are not a success thatis why people from those places are coming here for healthcare. Lastly ObamaKare is a train wreck because of because of the policy itself and not because of poll numbers. Well educated people know a bad product when they see it and ObamaKare is a bad product.

100% INCORRECT ! Our form of govt is only instituted to guarantee the God given right to freedom & Liberty. Everything else liberals try to have Govt inflict on our lives is a bunch of progressive hooooey.

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