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Letter: Just like PBS

We’re all compassionate, and we’d all like everyone to have heath care. The nub is how to pay for it. Let’s agree that the real cost of expanding Medicaid in New Hampshire for one year is about $500 million. That is, about 50,000-75,000 people at $10,000 each, Medicaid being better than the best Obamacare plan, by covering more and having lower deductibles and lower co-pays.

For context, that is about $500 for every man, woman and child in New Hampshire. Recognizing that not everyone will be able or willing to pay, I suggest the Public Broadcasting model. We set up a fund, non-profit, of course. Everyone who believes in expanding Medicaid can demonstrate their commitment and compassion by contributing. When we’ve collected half a billion dollars, I’m confident the Legislature will support expanding Medicaid, for one year. Then, we just have to do it again for next year.



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And may those who envision themselves with the biggest hearts, progressives, donate the most. Thank you.

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