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Letter: Renovations needed

I want to voice my opinion in regards to a proposal for renovations to the Contoocook fire station. I attended the informational meeting at the town hall, and I liked what I heard. Any questions that were asked had a respectable answer. The fact is, this building is just too small for the needs of the town and lacks major space necessary for the equipment in contains.

We rely on emergency responders every day. Anyone who has any doubt about this project needs to take a walk through the Contoocook station. Picture yourself working there, spending hours a day in this building: uncomfortable work environment, less than acceptable washrooms, terrible sleeping quarters and desks on top of desks in only one office. There is a small meeting room that might adequately accommodate 20 to 25 people.

Have you ever driven up Pine Street when the fire department has its monthly meetings and looked in the window? How many volunteers are standing? Oh, that’s right, you are probably at home deciding what TV show to watch next.

The arguments I have read in opposition to this project are horrifying and disgusting. We need to realize the needs of the town and reinvest in our services.



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WHY NOW - what has changed - NOTHING that wont wait a few years so the taxpayers can swallow the costs of $800,000 easement, $new highway garage ( paint is barely dry on that one) new senior center...etc etc etc

.......and in so many other towns they build satellite fire stations to house a few trucks so they can respond faster to area emergencies. Guess how long it tales to get from Elm St to Farrington Corner - 14 minutes

There's already a satellite station right on Route 202, east of Hopkinton village.

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