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Letter: Democratic apology required

In the 2012 elections, Democrats attacked Republicans as anti-women. This is par for the course in most of our elections, though there is no truth to it.

Fast forward to today. Republican state Rep. Marilinda Garcia throws her hat in the ring to challenge Democratic Congresswoman Annie Kuster. Within minutes of her announcement, Democratic state Rep. Peter Sullivan hits the tweet circuit. He infers that adding former speaker of the house Bill O’Brien to Kim Kardashian equals Garcia. In another tweet, he says that Garcia is Al Baldasarro in stiletto heels.

Garcia is a rising star in the Republican Party and the Latino community. So many of us are proud of her, and her constituents keep sending her back to Concord to represent them. She must be doing something right!

The Democratic Party and Sullivan should issue an apology for these types of derogatory comments. Rather than attack her personally as an enemy, why don’t you do the right thing – treat her as a respected and honored opponent!



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Ah, yes Sandra Fluke. First we are lead to believe she is a 23 year old coed at Georgetown U, turns out she is actually 30. The tuition at GU is 63,000 a year. It is very clear that their insurance does not provide BC she also admitted she knew this. Her next project is getting employers to cover gender reassignment surgery. Yeah we feel really sorry for her. Poor thing was so beat up, she had to take a 10,000 trip to Europe with her buddies. She was a plant by the left.

You are right, she deserves to be called a slut. And we wonder why the Republicans need consultants to train their candidates how to deal with women.

Here you go: As a Democrat, I deeply regret that another Democrat compared your candidate to a celebrity widely acclaimed as both successful, beautiful and a fashion icon. Even more, I regret that your candidate was described as a Republican with strong conservative principles and committed to deeply held traditional family values. If I ever hear anyone describe her as any of the above, I promise to chastise the offender and tell him or her that it both untrue and sexist to say those things about her. Satisfied?

Why do you regret that "your candidate was described as a Republican with strong conservative principles and committed to deeply held traditional family values'? That is something to strive for, somehting to be proud of.

Hey -- you wanted Democrats to apologize for saying Garcia shared the political positions and social values of O'Brien and Baldasaro. So I issued the apology you Republicans asked for. You should say "Thank you."

reply to GCarson....seems to be more than one old white male criticizing the new House rep candidate...http://www.concordmonitor.com/home/9509846-95/salems-marilinda-garcia-announces-congressional-campaign-in-2nd-district.....

Christians are what, 90%, of this country. Why do they always feel so put upon? Palin, O'Reilly and the rest make millions ramping up this phony war on Christmas every year. And the usual knee jerk reaction of the rightwingers start with their posts of the world is ending. They Fox money makers must laugh up their sleeves that it worked once again. Why no outrage for the corporates that push Xmas (hold your horror, it is perfectly Christian word) well before Halloween or open on the one truly family day of Thanksgiving?

Georgia School Confiscates Christmas Cards.... When boys and girls returned from Thanksgiving break, they discovered that their teachers’ Christmas cards had been removed – under orders from the Georgia school’s administration. Robb Kicklighter’s wife is a third grade teacher at the school. He said many teachers are disgruntled by the school’s decision to confiscate the Christmas cards. “They took down the cards so the kids can’t see them,” he told me. “Some of the cards had the word ‘Christmas’ and some had Nativity scenes.”

Bogus story. No confiscation took place. Fox reporter sniffed a juicy controversy but failed to do his homework.

you really need better sources.... FACT - Last week, CNSNews reported that a Georgia school in Bulloch County decided to confiscate the Christmas cards that were posted along the hallways over the Thanksgiving break. Traditionally, the school always had Christmas cards posted, but school administrators decided to un-deck the halls. The Bulloch County Board of Education has even posted on its website under "Press Releases" (12/3/13) seventeen "Case Law Talking Points" on why it has the power to ruin the holidays by banning free speech: I will accept yoiur apology anytime

what - no APOLOGY?

G Carson, I have to agree with Van on this one. The folks who claim to be the Party of Choice, Tolerance, etc, seem to change their tune when it comes to folks who are Christians, religious or conservative. When a Dem bashes a Rep like Palin, Bachman and now Garcia, they are claimed to be rogues. Basically for me the left wants no conservatives, Christians or women who are conservative to be given the same respect and tolerance they claim for themselves. That also applies to feminists by the way. I can remember being questioned by Liberals in the 70's about what I did all day as a stay at home Mom. And I did not see those feminists call out the folks who attacked Palin and her family. Nor come to the defense of Condi Rice. That was okay in their eyes. There is evidence there also that Christians are to be reeled in from displaying any devotion to their beliefs. God is to be not mentioned, and Happy Holidays does not offend anybody. It is okay to expect Christian employers to be mandated to change their tenets and offer BC coverage. The evidence is there, and it is not a few stray rogues that are guilty of attacking these groups that disagree with them.

Bunny, please leave the Bachman's and Palin's, they begged for the bashing they received. In Palin's case much of from her very own party. I don't care what religion anybody is and it shouldn't be an issue unless one uses it as a platform for forcing their beliefs on everybody. Religion and politics don't mix and they shouldn't. That is one of the basic tenets of our Constitution. Separation of church and State. I don't feel that we need this stupid banning of Xmas in schools or on public land or any of this political correctness at all. As for BC, all I can say is that viagra and similar drugs are covered for men, why not BC for women?

please cite the clause in the constitution where it states "separation of Church and State"...this answer should be fun

If you have the sheer arrogance to ask such a , can't think of a word other than, stupid question. Trying to reason would be like explaining Perl scripts to my 3 year old granddaughter. Separation of church and state was part of the bedrock of our type of government. Now I understand your posts better. Our Constitution contains more than the right to bear arms you know?

In case you weren't joking and art serious, you could start withnthe first amendment. Then - "The First Amendment to the United States Constitution provides that "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof ...." and Article VI specifies that "no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States." The modern concept of a wholly secular government is sometimes credited to the writings of English philosopher John Locke, but the phrase "separation of church and state" in this context is generally traced to a January 1, 1802 letter by Thomas Jefferson, addressed to the Danbury Baptist Association in Connecticut, and published in a Massachusetts newspaper. Echoing the language of the founder of the first Baptist church in America, Roger Williams—who had written in 1644 of "[A] hedge or wall of separation between the garden of the church and the wilderness of the world"— Jefferson wrote, "I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should 'make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,' thus building a wall of separation between Church & State."" But seriously you did already know this.

Sail =1 GCarson = 0..- it cannot be found anywhere in the constitution

Nobody deserves to be treated that way, even if you deem they were begging for it. It is still hate rhetoric and nasty. I am not a Palin or Bachman fan, nor am I a McCain fan I also have no issue with gays except for one. Changing their unions into being called marriage. That to me mandates that religions change their tenets. As far as PC goes it is stupid. All it does is change the wording of things, and in many cases disguise the truth. As far as what any employer offers as benefits, that is a choice. You do not like the vacations offered or the medical , seek employment elsewhere. The idea that folks have no choice about anything in their lives for me is very rare. That happens with health issues for sure, but as far as where you work, your education, etc, I do believe that if you want something bad enough you can attain it. Takes hard work and patience, but those of us that have lifted ourselves out of poverty, know it can be done. And many of us have done it without help from the govt.

Bunny, I have goggled Rep. Marilinda Garcia and have only found one articles accusing one irritating democrat as having started this firestorm of fake outrage. Even the State Democratic Party has asked for an apology. Being compared to Palin, O'Brien and Kardashian is truly an insult, I wouldn't even use those 3 in am sling against Sail. So why the general condemnation over one persons mTwits, yes I know? Look at the negative ads that the GOP was preparing in Virginia when they thought Ashley Judd would throw her hat in the election there. Negative campaigning is not a democratic monopoly. So again I ask, just what is the big deal, Peter Sullivan is not a stranger to rogue behavior.

The mind boggles. This woman has two degrees, one in music(hardly the purview of a "knuckle-dragging conservative idiot") and yet still the attacks come. Peter Sullivan has been told to "stand down" by his Democratic party bosses and yet still he persists with the misogynist name-calling. And now the "usual liberal suspects" on here are piling on. The mind boggles.

Yup HD, that is how some of the Dems roll these days. They pretty much say stop the hate rhetoric and name calling except if the person is a conservative A good example of that is Palin. Notice you never saw women's groups or Dems come to her defense with the vile things that were done to her and her family. Any many conservative women who are black also have been the targets of the left. Pretty ignorant and hypocritical.

DAN - here is a story just for you... Federal Trade Commission, a governmental Goliath, crushes the Music Teachers National Association….. Piano Sonata in FTC Minor Wall Street Journal, by Kimberley A. Strassel .....http://online.wsj.com/news/articles/SB10001424052702303562904579224251626379422

Hunter, I don't see this piling on you speak about. This was about ONE idiot democrat using Twitt'r for some stupid comments. I still don't see the foundation for such outrage because of a couple of Twits by this loose cannon. I see this as just a means to her her name in the news, as I had never even heard of her before. So in that respect it seems to be working.

google her story in National Review to get real journalism

What more could the Republicans ask for, a Latino and a Woman! They still don't understand that it is their anti-minority and anti-woman policies that earn them their anti-tolerant reputation. They can have all the Clarence Thomases and Melinda Garcias for window dressing they want but it still doesn't change what they stand for.

Yes, tillie you have a point but the people who are anti-minority, anti-woman and anti-tolerant are democrats and I expect more anti-minority, anti-woman and anti-tolerant from democrats because this minority woman is a conservative. Just look at the attacks that has already happened on this site. Attacking people because of their gender, their race should be rejected and ridiculed but it looks like democrats are embracing it. You have to ask yourself the democrat party is the one who really has a war on woman.

Wonder why Latinos, Blacks and women voted overwhelmingly for Democrats in the last election if the Dems are so anti-them? Guess they just don't know what is good for them. The women should be happy that Republicans want to make all their health decisions for them and that Latinos should be happy to deported and called illegal and gays know it is against God's will they should get married. Just because you say something, Van, doesn't make it so. Aren't you a little ashamed of yourself for being so childish and not capitalize the word Democrat?. I know you know better. Because of silly bias like that, it is really hard to take anything you or Sail say seriously.

every wonder why people for Family Values vote overwhelming for the Responsible Republicans?

Van, are you sure you stand by this line - "he people who are anti-minority, anti-woman and anti-tolerant are democrats "?? This seems to fly in the face of current beliefs. This belief is reinforced by the oft used term "low information voter" and the GOP drive to court the minority vote and that of women as well. This courting is no secret after the past elections. As I see it this concerted attack on Ms. Garcias is by one rogue democrat, not exactly an act that should be used as an attack on democrats as a whole. Just curious.

Yeah, she's the Sarah Palin of New Hampshire. Feel the joy.

Please cit any and all evidence to support your thesis that she's the "Sarah Palin" of NH.

democrats are really awful people - these same leftists like gdn1 WHO DID NOT WINCE AT MSNBC Bashir´s GROSS DESPICABLE attack on Palin were the same losers that faked outrage at the Limbaugh Fluke joke

I don't recall any outpouring of sympathy for Fluke or apologetic posts in response to Limbaugh and the Right's excoriation of her from you or any of the Carp per Diems on here. Perhaps you could refresh my memory. To his credit, Limbaugh did eventually apologize (sort of).

Rush is an entertainer...like Maher..only..you know..funny. Bashir well, hes supposed to be a news reporter..

the left also did it to Don Imus - The left is a real awful bunch to be associated with.

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