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Letter: Shameless

Indifference to the plight of others has become the central characteristic of the New Republican Party. Cut $40 billion in food stamps for the poor, make life so difficult for immigrants that they will self-deport, end unemployment benefits of 1.3 million jobless, shut down government for those who need its services, refuse to raise the minimum wage and, of course, deprive 40 million citizens of the health insurance they need. For a political party that sees itself as the custodian of America’s moral values, this is a shabby performance.

New Hampshire citizens wisely threw out the Tea Party Republicans in the last election, but they left a few so-called legitimate Republicans in the state Senate, such as Wolfeboro’s Jeb Bradley. He talked bipartisan, but when it came to Medicaid expansion, the negotiations he led were a sham. First, Republicans insisted on a special commission to examine the statewide impact of Medicaid expansion. Then, when the commission recommended expanding Medicaid, Bradley and his cohorts turned a blind eye to 50,000 New Hampshire citizens who are without health insurance, and voted against it.

The New Republicans’ vote against Medicaid expansion has a significant negative impact on the economy. We lose millions of federal dollars, thousands of new jobs and an end to the rising costs we all pay in health insurance premiums for emergency room care for the indigent. However, it is not the economic recklessness of the New Republicans that is so disconcerting. Rather, it is their intentional indifference to the needs of those who do not earn a living wage, who cannot find a job, who cannot pay for health care, who are our fellow Americans.

This lack of empathy is a moral failure, and one must ask them, “Have you no shame?”



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There seems to be a persistent unwillingness to address how to pay for the total cost of the Medicaid expansion in NH on the part of the proponents. I suggest we take advantage of Obama Promise #3 (1. If you like your plan, you can keep it. 2. If you like your doctor, you can keep her. 3. Your premiums will go down by $2500. 4. Obamacare won’t add a dime to the deficit.) For everyone who signs up for Obamacare, the $2500 is “free money”. They did nothing productive to earn it; it was a gift from Obama, just because he’s nice guy. So, I think they should be willing to split the windfall with the government. I propose a $1250 tax on everyone who signs up for Obamacare, with the money collected to be used to partially offset the cost of Medicaid expansion.

These two MUST READS of the day destroy the authors premise for the letter. 1) Examiner Editorial: Heritage Foundation's Index of Dependence exposes the 'living wage' lie : 2) Is Health Care A Fundamental Human Right or a Service? A reader should always ask themselves this question when liberals postulate free money: where does "federal Money " come from?

Bi-partisan does NOT mean that you automatically give into the majority party and everything that they want.

Isn't that what the republican senate majority did in NH took everything they wanted and gave nothing to the minority Democartic party over the expansion. Proving once again they are the party of my way or nothing. NO NO NO! is what they continualy are telling the people of NH.

58% of citizens say you are wrong - time to read the recent polls showing America have always and will always be against the govt providing health care.

Talk about shameless. The only way for democrats to build their base is to build big government policies that facilitate dependency which inhibit freedom and independence. Democrat policies have led to generational welfare and urban decay. If you want to see what democrat policies do, Just look at cities that have been run by democrats for decades.

It is obvious but they never would admit that!

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