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Letter: Play fair, Anthem

Finally we know what’s the matter with Obamacare: It’s the insurance companies! Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield refuses to include Concord Hospital and nine other New Hampshire hospitals in its network of providers for individual policy holders. Who wants to buy health insurance that won’t cover care in your local hospital or appointments with your primary care doctor if her practice is owned by that local hospital? This certainly is a heartless way to sink the most important social reform to come our way since Social Security. I hope our governor and Legislature will come up with a way to prohibit such unfair exclusion.



Legacy Comments2

Boy oh boy, is the left predictable. So the train wreck known as Obamacare is not responsible for its own bad policy, now it is the Insurance Company's fault? Obamacare was built on a foundation of lies. Obama lied, Harry Reid lied, Jeanne Shaheen lied. Shaheen voted against Republican bill which allowed people to keep their insurance and their doctor so she knew it was a lie. A good look at the polls show that the American people have had enough with the lies

100% right as usual. The authors political philosophy is pure Socialist / marxist

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