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Letter: Salisbury selectman is looking out for us

Salisbury Selectman Ken Ross-Raymond is a steward of our money. I thank him for caring for the taxpayer and asking questions of the school district.

Part of my tax dollar goes to the SAU and school district. I am one of the people who asked for information from the SAU and school board and filed complaints with the attorney general’s office. If the school board and SAU have done nothing unethical or illegal, the truth will set them free.

As a voter I have the right to ask questions. I don’t understand why it is distracting to the school board. Requests I make are always in writing, as the chairman of the school board, Tom Godfrey, can be snappy and biting in answering a question from the public at a meeting. If a board member has a relative working for the school district or SAU, then recusal should go beyond “not voting for a contract.” The end result is that a board member with a relative employed by the district will find his or her ability to serve the district curtailed to some extent by conflicts of interest. Nepotism goes beyond the school board. It includes the SAU and school district.

My goal is to wake up the voters of the school district. Ask questions! Go to the annual school meeting in March. There are about 8,000 voters in the district, and only 500 to 600 attend the meeting.



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If I were a resident of Salisbury, I would suggest to Mr. Raymond that if he wanted to run the business end of the local school system that he first ought to get himself elected to the school board. I would not object to a selectman discussing fiscal issues with the school board but I think he us way over his boundaries when it comes a selectman's job.

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