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The Brotherhood

The Brotherhood: BOWW’s 7 laws

Authorities found this listing of BOWW principles two years ago in a jail cell in Boscawen, attached to recruiting paperwork.

1. Chain of command is to be respected and followed both ways.

2. Aid and assist your brothers in all righteous movements.

3. BOWW is not a crutch for personal gains, protection, or status.

4. BOWW is not a hate motivated group, but personal views are expected, accepted, and respected.

5. No IV drug use.

6. Physical fitness is to be maintained.

7. You will always thrive for acknowledgment and conduct yourself as a warrior at all times and be aware that your behavior now reflects not only you but all of your brothers.

Remember: We must secure the existence of our race, and a future for white children.


N.H.’s Brotherhood of White Warriors Part 3: In the streets

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Two years ago, in an inmate’s cell, Merrimack County jail authorities found recruiting documents for New Hampshire’s only homegrown prison gang, the Brotherhood of White Warriors. Aside from an obligation to secure the future for “white children” the expectations were hardly objectionable. No intravenous drug use. Maintain physical fitness. Assist other members in “all righteous” movements. The problem, authorities say, …

Legacy Comments1

of: What does "both ways" mean? The two "splinter" groups? It's good to know that the State honors the "freedom of association" as found in the words of: "Tim Coulombe, a state prison investigator and gang expert" at: * who said that: "Eradicating gang activity was never the goal, . . . Managing it was." of the membership at 300 according to: to be co-"managed" by the F.B.I.*? of what? some FBI plant to say that somebody's potato chips or cake * cannot be divided but eaten only in whole because to do so otherwise be "structuring" and subject to penalization in the Federal penitentiary that "they" call an F.C.I. to correct, but that really be a warehouse where they store our N.H. Article 12 inhabitants out of state and SAY that they "correct" but do lie of with their False Advertising of such since there be no course with #x-number of classes in the subject matter of their incarceration. I keep on hearing of that if you can't DO the time, don't do the crime, but that time is only one factor. What's missing from these stories is of what classes are these student/inmates attending, if any? other than to get a G.E.D. of a HS diploma. Thanks for the individual stories too as footnoted plus the timeline at: I look forward to when my friend Ed Brown** gets there to teach them to eat the whole cake as to prevent a "structuring" charge against them too, of the lesson learned of not to "share" while "Big Brother" government is looking over your shoulder. **

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