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Letter: Glorifying crime

Between the in-your-face front-page coverage of the BOWW prison gang in the Monitor and a two-night, multiple TV station orgy of Bonnie and Clyde, it seems to me that somewhere the spirit of Christmas has gotten buried. Media coverage such as this glorifies crime and stimulates the would-be copycat baddies. The paper, within the prison walls, must be in shreds by now with all the handling.

I hope the Monitor will see fit to give equal front- and inner-page space to the good things that are happening and the good people who are making them happen. Perhaps good news does not sell, but it can warm more hearts and bring more smiles than crime.



Legacy Comments2

You are absolutely right! The series glorified the gang and was very depressing as the first page of the paper.

The three parts of this series are in the top 7 stories read this week. It would appear that the Monitor made the right choice to print them.

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